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January 2022

Ansäuerung des Harns ein wesentliches Prinzip der Infektsteinprophylaxe

Journal/Book: Internationale Zeitschrift f ür die gesamte Heilkunde. 1985; 103: 421-424.

Abstract: Increase in the concentration of lithogenic substances above the saturation curve together with alterations in the pH value are the crucial step leading to formation of crystal foci. With regard to the infection stone, whose formation optimum is in the alkaline range of urinary pH, this means that the primary prophylactic measure is acidification of the urine. This can be achieved by various substances, but with great certainty and without side effects by L-methionine. Care must be taken that the urinary pH value is measured three times a day by the patients, since it is subject to a circadian rhythm. The acidification must be carried out consistently to values between 5.8 and 6.2, as this is the pH level at which there is less danger that phosphate or ammonium urate crystals occur. Besides the central prophylactic measure (acidification), adjuvant measures are necessary, consisting of checking the urine for freedom from infection and reduction of phosphate excretion with the urine.

Keyword(s): Infektstein-Bildung

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