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December 2022

Physikalische Therpie des vestibulären Schwindels in Verbindung mit Ginkgo-biloba-Extrakt

Journal/Book: Therapiewoche 35. 1985; 4586-4590:

Abstract: A physical treatment as therapy for vestibular disorders with the aim to improve the natural com-pensation mechanisms is pro-posed. Instead of sedative agents, which inhibit vestibular compensation, a drug, which is known to augment cerebral me-tabolism, Ginkgo biloba, is used. The training itself consisted of some exercises to improve selec-tively certain vestibulo-ocular, vestibulo-cervical and propriocep-tive reflexes. The effect of the training was controlled by a ver-tigo questionary and by posturo-graphic body sway measure-ments in Romberg´s test. It could be shown that already by training alone (i. e. with Placebo) a clear amelioration of vertigo and a sig-nificant diminuation of body sway amplitude was obtained. This sig-nificance was still higher, if Ginkgo biloba (2 times 40 drops) was given. It seems that the ef-fect of the vestibular training could be supported by combina-tion with Ginkgo biloba.

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