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August 2022

Mikrobiologische Therapie bei Obstipation

Journal/Book: Erfahrungs-heilkunde. 1985; 34:

Abstract: Constipation is not an actual illness but a symptom which fairly of ten causes the patient to seek medical treatment, There are many different reasons for constipation. Acute constipation due to change of diet, confinement to bed, handicapped physical movement etc. can develop into chronic constipation through the patients' incorrect behaviour, i.e. if the patient at home continues to take those laxatives prescribed to him during his hospital stay. While a diet of animal products with a low amount of bulkage foods encourages constipation, a diet based mainly an roughage as well as sufficient intake of fluid can prevent chronic constipation.With constipation caused by organic dysfunction, mechanic hinderance of the passage, duodenal ulcers, gastroptose, carcinoma etc. or in the case of symptomatic as well as psychologically caused constipation, it is necessary to treat the major disturbances.In consideration of the relations between bacterial symbiosis and constipation, there is an indication in many cases for microbiological therapy as a basic or additional therapy which has proven success in its administration.

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