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November 2022

Influence du facteur dilution sur l'effet de mercurius corrosivus vis-à-vis de la toxicité induite par le chlorure mercurique chez la souris

Author(s): Cal, J., Guillemain, J., Cambar, J.

Journal/Book: Hom fr. 1985; 73: 375-380.

Abstract: lnfluence of the dilution factor on the protective effect of Mercurius corrosivus against the toxicity of mercuric chloride in the mouse. The findings of various studies carried out using the model of acute mercuric chloride toxicity led the authors to attempt to demonstrate the protective effect of dilutions of Mercurius corrosivus at 5 CH and 9 CH. The authors completed their investigations using 15 CH which, theoretically, does not contain any active ingredient. Three toxic doses of mercuric chloride were used. 5, 6 and 7 mg/kg. The results showed that at the 5 and 6 mg/kg doses, pretreatment with 9 CH and, in particular, 15 CH did give obvious protection. At 5 mg/kg the mortality rate in the control animals was 73. 4 %, that in the 9 CH group 50 % and that in the 15 CH group 26.7 % and at the 6 mg/kg dose the mortality rates were 78.5 % in the control group, 66.7 % in the 9 CH group and 35.7 % in the 15 CH group. The differences between the groups were highly significant in both bases (p < 0.001). Various hypothetical explanations for the protective effect of infinitesimal dilutions of Mercurius corosivus against mercury-induced nephritis are advanced and discussed.

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