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August 2022

Akupunktur und Organ-Serum-Therapie bei chronischen Erkrankungen - ein Erfahrungsbericht

Author(s): Landen, B.

Journal/Book: Ärztezeitschrift für Naturheilverfahren. 1985; 26: 817-822.

Abstract: Serum therapy with the use of antibodies containing serum preparations is a therapy for Stimulation and initiating changes of the organism and that based om immunology. The therapy is indicated for a treatment of various chronic diseases as well as for general regeneration and revitalization. Applied are two combination preparations and serums for particular organs as for instance for joint, thymus, liver etc.The individual serums are an principle applied as intracutaneous injections producing several swellings, the effect being not dependent an the site of the injection. However, according to the experiences made, the organ-specific effect of the individual serums shows a better efficiency and also a certain immediate effect if the injections are made considering certain selected acupuncture points. The swelling due to the injected serum as a serum depot acts as a continuous stimulus to the respective acupuncture point. Thus, serum therapy and acupuncture is a combination of two different mechanisms of action which complete each other in an ideal manner. The particular indications as well as proposals for treatment and combination, respectively, and statistical data from a practice for general medicine are presented.

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