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August 2022

Acupressure in the acute treatment of cerebral convulsions in children

Author(s): Schmitz, G.

Journal/Book: Alternative Medicine. 1985; 1: 63-67.

Abstract: Sixty-two different cerebral fits were treated in children between 2 and 14 years by strong manual stimulation of the nasal philtrum. 91% (73) of the convulsions, during which unconsciousness was seen (grand mal), could successfully be treated within 30 (20) seconds. Other types of fits did not respond to the external stimulation: the children did not tolerate the pain of the manipulation because of only partial unconsciousness. Essential side-effects were not seen. Compared to ChloralhydrateR medication acupressure showed a therapeutic effect within a shorter time and without sedation. The stimulation of the nasal philtrum seems to have sufficient therapeutic security in finishing acute cerebral fits of the grand mal type. One could try this method whilst the usual medication is prepared for injection.

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