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November 2022

Kontrollierte Untersuchung zur Frage der Spezifitšt von Akupunktur am Beispiel der Periarthritis humeroscapularis

Journal/Book: Akupunktur - Theorie und Praxis. 1985; 4: 201-204.

Abstract: Frozen shoulder fits very well for study of therapeutic effects measuring improvement of arm abduction. 1 0 patients were treated 14 times in randomized blind and crossover design. Acu-points St.38 (Tiaokou), resp. St.37, (Shangjuxu: Motorpoint M. tib. ant.) and St.36 (Zusanli) at one end of the same muscle as well as L.I.4 (Hegu) (Motorpoint M. abd. poll.) were compared. Improvement after needling of St.37 and 38 was significantly better than after St.36 or L.1.4. Thus point specifity could be shown depending on motorpoint function. But: Up to now is not understood, why a point on the same meridian (L.1.4) and neighbourhood segment (C6) of the shoulder region is less effective than treatment of nonsegmental points like St.37/38 along the Yangming axis.

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