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November 2022

Drugs and exercise

Author(s): Sutton, J.

Journal/Book: Medical Clinics of North America. 1985; 69: 177-187.

Abstract: In this article, we have examined some pharmacologic principles as they apply to drug use by healthy individuals. With the present emphasis on community activities, we have dealt with the impairment of thermo-regulation by athletes and fun runners who may take normal over-the--counter medications for a variety of reasons. However, many of these drugs impair thermoregulation. Our additional focus has been on drug abuse, again by healthy people, often striving to enhance their perfor-mance. Here we have dealt principally with the anabolic and androgenic steroids and stimulants. Finally, we have reproduced the current list of medications permitted by the International Olympic Committee, but have also offered some suggestions of common medications that may be re-quired by athletes for such illnesses as hay fever, upper respiratory tract infections, and other simple disorders (Table 2). These medications do not contain any ingredients prohibited by the International Olympic Commit-tee regulations. It is important to remember that many of the compound medications often sold over-the-counter contain substances such as caf-feine, codeine, and ephedrine, which the unwitting athlete trainer or coach could prescribe for a legitimate indication but which could, and have in the past, cost such athletes Olympic medals.

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