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January 2022

Thermoregulationsdiagnostik als die Krebsvorsorgeuntersuchung

Journal/Book: Ärztezeitschrift für Naturheilverfahren. 1985; 26; Heft 9: 566-570.

Abstract: Cancer is a general disease. The malign tumour can only develop an a terrain prepared therefor. As long as the thermal figures are harmonic and regulation is intact no malign disease can develop.Cancer diagnosis must include the precursor of the disease, the malign terrain. This is only possible by examining the regulation.Thermoregulation diagnoses according to Schwamm provide a true precursor diagnosis recognizing the risk of cancer long before the disease is manifest. The cancer terrain can only be determined by thermographic measurements made at the entire body. However, the experimental conditions as well as the directions for evaluation are completely different for measuring the radiation and for contact measurements, because the two methods determine different parameters and, thus, do not show the same data. This should be considered. After intensive investigation of the two methods and after having compared many thermograms obtained with these methods with the respective clinical findings I decided for the contact measurement.

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