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December 2022

Growth of yeast cultures as in vitro model for investigating homoeopathic medicines

Journal/Book: The British Homoeopathic Journal. 1985; 74: 132-140.

Abstract: The question of a sensitive response in the growth of yeast cell cultures to treatments with homoeopathic dilutions (potencies), has been raised in a number of recent publications.1,2,3 A further set of growth trials with this model performed at our Institute are reported here.2 The actions of 8x to 16x decimal potencies of AgNO3, CuSO4, HgCI2 and NaCI on the growth of cell cultures of Schizosaccharormyces pombe were investigated. This included a set of trials with experimental poisoning of the cells by toxic Ievels of CuSO4 and subsequent study of the remedial action by potencies of the same substance.3 Yeast cells were grown in batch culture in a glucose/malt extract medium. Growth was interrupted shortly before the end of the exponencial growth phase and total cell concentrations were assessed by means of a Coulter Counter. The obtained data were subjected to statistical analysis. Each treatment range was tested in three separate trials.4 The results obtained failed to indicate any response in the growth rate of Sch. pombe to the potency treatments,

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