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January 2022

Double blind trial comparing the effectiveness of the homoeopathic preparation Galphimia potentisation D6, Galphimia dilution 10 (-6) and placebo on pollinosis

Author(s): Gaus, W.

Journal/Book: Arzneimittelforschung. 1985; 35: 1745-1747.

Abstract: The preparation of homeopathic drugs is based on potentisation. In this potentisation the primary substance is specially mixed with a carrier (typically 90% ethanol) in the ratio 1:10. Usually this potentisation is done repeatedly and the final drug is labeled, e.g., "D6" which means a 6 times decimal potentisation.In a controlled randomized strictly double-blind trial with 164 patients the effectiveness of homeopathically prepared Galphimia D6, a conventional Galphimia dilution 10-6 and a placebo was investigated for the therapy of pollinosis. The average duration of treatment was about 5 weeks. Although no statistical significance was achieved, it is remarkable that there was a clear trend for the superiority of Galphimia D6 while the Galphimia dilution 10-6 was about equally effective compared with placebo. The study itself demonstrates that it is possible to do strictly controlled trials for homeopathic drugs and with medical practitioners.

Keyword(s): Galphimia

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