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December 2019

Repair processes in lymphocytes of occupationally exposed persons (Reparaturprozesse in Lymphozyten beruflich strahlenexponierter Personen. )

Journal/Book: Z Phys Med Baln Med Klim. 1984 (Sonderheft 1);13: 44-55.. 1984;

Abstract: Investigations in UV induced unscheduled DNA synthesis (= repai replication UDS) in lymphocytes of Rn exposed personnel of the thermal galery of Badgastein Böckstein revealed an enhancement of thymidine incorporation by chronic Rn exposure. A similar increase of UDS could be oobserved with whole body irradiated C57BI mice. Experiments on lymphocytes of persons occupationally exposed to low doses of ionizing radiation (14-96 mrad/month) did not establish anny correlation between the increased rate of UDS and a shift within the B/T cell ratio of peripheral lymphocytes. Furthermore the repair process is not connected with an increase of DNA lesions since no increased number of spontaneous sister chromatid exchanges (= SCE) was observed and the rate of SCEs inducible by Mitimycin C even decreased with exposore dose. In addition the present study indicates a loosening of chromatin structure by chronic radiation exposure.

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