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February 2020

Chronobiological Aspects of Physical Cure Treatment

Journal/Book: In: Reinberg A. M. Smolensky u. G. Laberke (Eds): Annual Review of Chronopharmacology. Pergamon-Press Oxford New York Toronto Sydney Paris Frankfurt 1984 pp. 403-406.. 1984;

Abstract: Institut für Arbeitsphysiologie und Rehabilitationsforschung der Universität Marburg/Lahn F.R.G. In physical therapy two different chronobiological aspects have to be taken into consideration: 1) The spontaneous long-wave rhythms synchronized to the earthly environment systematically change the responsiveness of the organism to therapeutical stimuli and therefore demand a chronotherapeutical schedule. 2) Repeated applications of physical stimuli evoke an adaptive response of the organism exhibiting a characteristic periodic time structure. Looking at the first aspect as an example the circadian variation of thermoregulation comprising a forenoon warming-up phase and an afternoon cooling-down phase (fig.1) leads to considerable changes of thermal responsiveness. . . .

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