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October 2019

Chronobiologische Untersuchungen während Radon-Balneotherapie. (Chronobiological investigations during radon balneoterapy)

Journal/Book: Z Phys Med Baln Med Klim. 1984 (Sonderheft 1);13:68-76.. 1984;

Abstract: Chronic sick people show less circadian rhyth.ms than healthy young men. A daily thermal bath synchronizes significant sircadian rhythms. Patients with rheumatoid arthritis have the same circadian rhythm of cortisol as healthy people. ACTH given at the beginning of balneotherapy causes circadian rhythms in several urinary data which are not rhythmic in patients with the same dideases. Normal blood pressure and heart rates are not changed by radon-balneotherapy. Patients with arterial hypertension seem to normalize their blood pressure during balneotherapy. Measurments of joints´ pain with rating scales indicate that the therapeutic success of radon-balneotherapy lasts for about 6 months.

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