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July 2020

Oddzialywania psychoterapeutyczne na oddziale psychiatrii dzieciecej. / Psychotherapeutic approaches in a psychiatric clinic for children

Journal/Book: Psychologia Wychowawcza. 1984; 27: 189-198.

Abstract: The author describes her work at a psychiatric clinic for children that was run by therapeutic community principles. Various forms of therapy were applied--therapeutic community sessions, group and individual psychotherapy, family therapy, methods based on music and drawing, and techniques of relaxation and concentration. It is suggested that each of these forms of therapy affects a different aspect of the S's personality; they lead to interiorization of social and moral norms by the S and to abreaction of emotions and suppressed aggression. They enable the S to attain insight (expressed verbally or nonverbally) and provide relief from tension. (English & Russian abstracts) (9 ref)

Note: psychotherapeutic techniques used in child psychiatric clinic run on therapeutic community principles; Poland

Keyword(s): Child psychiatry; child guidance clinics; psychotherapeutic techniques; therapeutic community

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