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June 2020

A Scientific View of Concepts of Music therapy

Journal/Book: Musiktherapeutische Umschau. 1984; 5: Stuttgart. G. Fischer Verlag. 307-321.

Abstract: The term "concept" in this article implies the disclosure of a music therapist's overall "plan". The closer one gets to the practice of music therapy, the greater the role played by aspects such as "strategy" as a concentration of methodes. Academic debate, on the other hand, is dominated by ideological positions and reservations rivalling each other to this day. Some 50 years before Freud analysed the intraphysic processes of an educated upper middle class, K. von Reichenbach had empirically tested the anthropological requirements of a therapy for everyone. A. Adler and his circle of musicians/students also laboured at "bridge-building". Currently, investigations by J. Gebser are of great interest, since these could form the basis of a "chronotherapy" (Linke). Gebser has examined the organisation of the concept of time in modern thought and modern music, and his conclusions suggest a concept of creative music therapy.

Keyword(s): Strategy, bridge-building, chronotherapy.

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