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August 2019

Genealogie de la destruction. (Genealogy of destruction.)

Journal/Book: Revue Francaise de Psychanalyse. 1984; 48: 987-1019.

Abstract: Presents a conceptualization of the psychodynamics of destruction, based on an existential interpretation of Freud's theories regarding the death instinct. The author uses 3 case histories, examples from literature, and music to clarify his thoughts, the main thrust of which is the contemporary destabilization of the existential uniqueness of personal death through its amalgamation into the global destruction wrought by modern warfare and genocide. The author notes that Freud never accepted the apocalyptic and masochistic conceptualizations that involve an acceptance of death born of soulless indifference and nihilism, nor did he sanction the genealogy of destruction by narcissistic duplication, repetition compulsion, or as cause of rebirth. (0 ref)

Note: conceptualization of psychodynamics of destruction based on Freud's theories of death instinct

Keyword(s): Death and dying; psychoanalytic theory; existentialism

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