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July 2020

Who Said You're Tone Deaf

Journal/Book: Australian Music Therapy Association Conference Proceedings. 1984; Australia. Australian Music Therapy Association 2/31 Abercrombie street 3103 Deepdene Australia. Collected Works.

Abstract: This paper accompanies a paper on the concept of tone deafness. The main aim of this workshop is to demonstrate practically some procedures to help improve singing skills, thus doing our best to save the so called tone deaf from social embarrassment and personal frustration to the extent of developing sufficient pitching ability to sing along confidently on social occasions and possibly take part in choir activities. The procedure presented is suitable for older children and adults. Two case histories are presented.

Note: June-Brown, T.MUS.A., M.I.M.T.

Keyword(s): Tonal, training, singing, singing-ability, singing.

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