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August 2019

Pflanzliche Venentherapeutika

Journal/Book: Therapiewoche. 1984; 4101-4106.

Abstract: The fact that chronic venous insufficiency can be treated successfully using phytogenetic drugs is not only confirmed by the results achieved in medical practice but also by numerous data obtained form animal experiments. In the intended indications and at an appropriate dosage these drugs are a valuable and Important addition to compression therapy, which is indispensible in patients showing a tendency to severe edema or Ulceration. For this reason, they should no longer be referred to as "preparations for varicose veins" but as substances for the protection against edema. Moreover, it must not be overlooked that the drugs may also be very helpful in the prevention of chronicity. The Tübingen study among other Investigations, has given ample evidente to prove that chronic venous Insufficiency still Is a widespread ailment of considerable social significance. In view of the importance nowadays attached to the rote of preventive measures, more understanding may be expected of the general attitude towards a group of preparations showing a favourable Influence an many aspects of this disease.

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