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July 2020

Die Beeinflußbarkeit der Samenqualität durch Akupunktur bei subfertilen Männern

Author(s): Riegler, R., Biegelmayer, C., Nasr, F., Neumark, J.

Journal/Book: DZA. 1984; 3: 53-56.

Abstract: Our first attempt in treating subfertility by acupuncture was carried out on 28 males. The results obtained from the experiences in veterinary medicine encouraged us to attempt this type of therapy. Each patient received a total of 10 treatments for a period of three weeks. Several spermiograms were made after diagnosing subfertility. We checked spermiograms and hormone levels before and after acupuncture. Total count, concentration an motility were evaluated. In all cases we observed a statistically significant improvement of sperm quality, Having obtained these good results in our first studies, we now intend to continue acupuncture therapy in subfertile males for insemination or intercourse on time of the ovulation of their female partners.

Keyword(s): Akupunkturbehandlung von subfertilen Männern

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