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February 2020

Die Wirkung von Bromelain als Antikoagulans und dessen Bedeutung als Antimetastatikum

Journal/Book: Erfahrungsheikunde. 1984; 6:

Abstract: The connection betweenplatelet aggregation and tumor metastases is shortly described and the effects of the two mein types of prostaglandins: thromboxane A2 and prostacyclin on blood coagulation, discussed.Anticoagulants, as weil as bromelain, both act by inhibiting blood plateiet aggregation. However, where anticoagulants are contraindicated, the drug of choice is bromelain. This suggests, that there is a basic difference between their mechanism of action.The mein difference between the mechanism of action of commercial anticoagulants and bromelain consists in the fact that while the former inhibit the biosynthesis of all prostaglandins, bromelain is a selective dose-dependent prostaglandin modulator. On one hand it inhibits incompletely the synthesis of thromboxane A2, on the other, it stimulates prostacyclin. Thus the organism can take advantage of the beneficial effects of prostacyclin as a) an inhibitor of piatelet aggregation, b) an antiinflammatory and c) an antimetastatic agent. In addition, bromelain has no adverse side effects.Some results of our own research, illustrating tumor growth inhibition in cell culture as weil as the antimetastatic effect of bromelain in Lewis Lung carcinoma-bearing mice, are described.

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