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December 2022

Pharmakologische Untersuchungen von Kamillen-Inhaltsstoffen II: Neue Untersuchungen zur antiphlogistischen Wirkung des (-)-_-Bisabolols und der Bisabololoxide

Author(s): Isaac, O., Thiemer, K., Kunde, R.

Journal/Book: Planta Medica. 1979; 35: 125-140.

Abstract: Chamomile extracts are mainly used because of their antiinflammatory action.Well-known are the antiphlogistic properties of chamazulene and (-)-alpha-bisabolol. So far the effects exerted by bisabolol oxides and by the synthetic racemic compound of bisabolol have been unclear. Therefore, it was not possible to determine the relevance of these substances in connection with the standardization of chamomile extracts and preparations.Experiments conducted in rat paw edema (carrageenin) have shown that the antiphlogistic effect exerted by (-)-alpha-bisabolol is considerably more marked than that of the bisabolol oxides A and B, and even more pronounced than that of bisabolon oxide and both (+)-alpha-bisabolol and ( )-alpha-bisabolol.Moreover, that antiphlogistic effect of (-)-alpha-bisabolol could be confirmed in a number of further experimental models, e. g. in adjuvant arthritis of the rat, in UV-erythema of the guinea pig and in yeast fever of the rat. In addition, (-)-alpha-bisabolol reduces the production of mucopolysaccharides in the cell cultures.As was evidenced in the experiments, the content of (-)-alpha-bisabolol is of relevance when assessing the antiphlogistic effectiveness of chamomile extracts and preparations. Therefore, chamomile preparations beside chamazulene should be standardized to (-)alpha-bisabolol. A standardization of the bisabolol oxides does not seem to be reasonable in view of the considerably lower activity.For manufacturing chamomile extracts of antiphlogistic effectiveness, only such types of chamomile should be used which exhibit a high content of (-)-alpha-bisabolol besides a high content of chamazulene.And finally the experiments have shown that (-)-alpha-bisabolol has a considerably stronger effect than (+)-alpha-bisabolol and the synthetic racemic bisabolol. Therefore, it cannot be substituted for by these substances.

Keyword(s): Matricaria chamomilla

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