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December 2022

Neue Ergebnisse aus der Revitalisierungsforschung

Author(s): Hofecker, G., Niedermüller, H., Skalicky, M.

Journal/Book: Cytobiologische Revue. 1979; 3:

Abstract: Results obtained so far an the effects of subcutaneously applied testis Iyophilisate substantiate the Eindings already described with regard to revitalising effects. This is of particular interest to experimental gerontological research for two reasons: firstly, the verifiable influence an aging provides the possibility of Einding a method for identifying more precisely the points of influence and hence key aspects of the cellular and subcellular aging process, and secondly, in pursuing these studies further there would seem to be a strong likelihood of obtaining and preserving a higher level of vitality into advanced age, thus providing the physiological basis for making later life really worth living. In 1977/78 the well-known Russian gerontologist TSCHEBOTAREW had the following to say an this: the main task of the biology of aging also consists not only in establishing how and why aging takes place but also in finding effective means for preserving the vitality of the aging organism for longer and prolonging its lifetime. This does not mean, however, that investigations of this kind are possible only after the nature of aging has been revealed, but it must be said that research and experiments in this field are not yet being conducted an an appropriate scale.

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