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December 2022

A hypothesis an the natuic of homoeopathic potendies

Author(s): Jussal, R.

Journal/Book: The British Homoeopathic Journal. 1979; Heft 68: 197-204.

Abstract: In this paper, it is argued that a homoeopathic potency is an arrangement, in a certain order, of electric dipolar molecules of the solvent, induced by the drug during the process of dynamization. (Note that the solvents used in the preparation of homoeopathic potencies, viz. water, alcohol and sugar of milk, all have molecules which exhibit electrical dipole moments.) The nature and extent of this arrangement of dipoles depends on the starting drug (Mother Tincture) and the degree of dilution. As a consequence of this hypothesis the dielectric constant and surface tension of the homoeopathic potency are expected to be different from those of the solvent. The surface tension of potencies of Natrum muriaticum (NaCI) up to the 30th prepared in 91 per cent. alcohol were measured and were found to vary from one potency to another, thus lending support to the hypothesis.

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