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Bibliography — Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM) — 1977

Alimento and fresco: nutritional concepts and their implications for health care.
"Les saints guérisseurs" von Notre-Dame-du-Haut; religiöse Volksmedizin in der Bretagne.
Reflections from the life of Dr. Karl Julius Aegidi, the founder of the first Paediatric Homeopathic Hospital.
Edward Bach; a medico-historical study of his contributions to homeopathy.
Nand Raj: Hahnemann's knowledge of bacteriology.
Nand Raj: the medium system of Honigberger.
Persistence and change in traditional medical practice in Ghana.
Chiropractic in America: the historical conflicts of cultism and science.
Schamanismus bei den Eskimos.
Contradicting the doctor: Billy Hancock and the problem of baloma.
The Florilegio Medicinal: source of Southwest ethnomedicine.
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The army doctor looks at Indian medicine.
Medical power and popular medicine: illegal healers in nineteenth-century France.
Annotated bibliography of Pennsylvania folk medicine.
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Indonesia's family planning story: success and challenge.
Mantras and medicine for development.
I.V.G. with or without anesthesia
Age-old methods of contraception.
Acupuncture: clinical trials in the horse.
Chiropractic in scientific illustration
Chiropractors and the treatment of back pain.
Diet and endocrine-related cancer.
Treatment of mild hypertension: results of a ten-year intervention trial.
Some pharmacological observations on the analgesia induced by acupuncture in rabbits.
Current acupuncture
Manual therapy of low back pain
Acupuncture therapy of low back pain
Acupuncture for chronic back pain: patients and methods.
Enkephalin, drug addiction and acupuncture.
Ethnopharmacology of sacred psychoactive plants used by the Indians of Mexico.
Acupuncture analgesia
Modern day menstrual folklore. Some clinical implications.
Acupuncture for pains of the face and the head is there any reasonable application? (author's transl)
The pathogenesis and chiropractic management of cervical dysphagia (author's transl)
Consumer evaluation of natural therapists and general practitioners.
From acupuncture to iris diagnosis (author's transl)
Ceylon-observations in the medical, paramedical and psychiatric field (author's transl)
Peyote, a potential ethnopharmacologic agent for alcoholism and other drug dependencies: possible biochemical rationale.
Acupuncture as after care following injuries of the upper extremities
Bronchial obstruction and its differentiated therapy in bronchopulmonary diseases
The Arabian-Mohammedan patient: various cultural-anthropological aspects in nursing
Cultural constraints on professionalization: the case of nursing in India.
Homoeopathic treatment: cases of inadequacy of other systems.
Medical practices among the aborigines of Central Australia.
NM goes to China: 3. The Peking Children's Hospital.
NM goes to China:4.
General introduction to acupuncture. I.
General introduction to acupuncture. II.
Some characteristics of tribal peoples.
Phytotherapy of respiratory tract diseases
Mystic practices and their effects on modern society.
El hospital invisible. A study of Curanderismo.
Infibulation in the horn of Africa.
Pharmacological studies on Chinese herbs. (4) Effect of 40 Chinese drugs on arterial blood pressure
Long-term follow-up on patients with fibrositis treated with acupuncture.
Acupuncture update.
Acupuncture and hindleg pain of the cat
Pharmacological studies on Chinese herbs. (5) Antipyretic effects of 12 Chinese herbs
Oriental diagnostic methods and herb medicine
Effect of acupuncture on myogenic headache.
General characteristics of referrals to traditional healers in Israel.
Maori attitudes to sickness, doctors and hospitals.
Clinical application of acupuncture in dentistry.
An academically enriching vacation.
Pharmacological studies of Chinese herbs. (6) Pharmacological effects of Epiphyllum oxypetalum Haw (author's transl)
Acupuncture in dental stomatology
A comparison of hypnosis, acupuncture, morphine, valium, aspirin, and placebo in the management of experimentally induced pain.
The prospects of Chinese medicinal therapy in oral medicine (author's transl)
Effect of the acupuncture anesthesia to gingival tissue by using the "Hoku" points (author's transl)
Effect of electroacupuncture on the pain perception threshold of human teeth.
Transcutaneous nerve stimulation for acute relief of bronchial constriction in asthmatics--peripheral reflex or psychogenic response?
Musculoskeletal changes immediately following acupuncture.
Electro-acupuncture treatment in psychiatry.
Acupuncture in the management of headache.
Acute bronchodilating effect of transcutaneous nerve stimulation in asthma. A peripheral reflex or psychogenic response.
Nystagmus as an objective assessment of the cervical spine syndrome and its treatment (author's transl)
Trial treatment of sclerosis based on blood circulation
Sick behavior of patients with rheumatic diseases
Documentation of the electro-acupuncture phenomenon
Sea captain's medical chest.
Acupuncture analgesia: an experimental investigation.
Chinese acupuncture.
Thomsonian medicine and early Georgia medical societies.
Quackery and health care in Timbuktu
Food faddism.
Safe vegetarian diets for children,.
A contribution to our knowledge of ginseng.
An unsuccessful attempt to treat hypertension with acupuncture.
Homeopathy today
Acupuncture: context and critique.
Psychological and physiological mechanisms of pain.
The physicians of Rochester, N.Y., 1860-1910: a study in professional history, II.
'Tempest in a flesh-pot': the formulation of a physiological rationale for vegetarianism.
Popular medicine of Khorezm
Signal detection theory measurement of pain: a review and critique.
Accumulative effects of periodic relaxation.
The action of acupuncture on pain. Physiological basis
Extraordinary severe burn cases treated with integrated Chinese traditional and Western medicine.
Comparison of the effects of acupuncture and codeine on postoperative dental pain.
Comparison of the fecal microflora of Seventh-Day Adventists with individuals consuming a general diet. Implications concerning colonic carcinoma.
Acupuncture analgesia and anesthesia.
Clinical pharmacology of convallaria preparations
Lizards in folk medicine of the past
Therapeutic acupuncture: a selective review.
Rival traditions: Western medicine and yunan-i tibb in the Punjab, 1849-1889.
Animal sacrifice in American folk curative practice.
Acupuncture--its value and limitations. Part I.
Double-blind study of belladonna-ergotamine-phenobarbital for interval treatment of recurrent throbbing headache.
Acupunctura, "vital" drugs and psychopharmacological agents in the treatment of psychiatric patients with deep depressive disorders, with considerations on the probable neurophysiological mechanisms of the synergism of action
Acupuncture analgesia in eye surgery. Preliminary experience
Altitude and hypertension.
Freedom to heal in Peru a thousand years ago
Effect of electro-acupuncture of the ear on joint movement and pain after meniscectomy. A controlled triple-blind study
Use and effect of electro-acupuncture in anesthesia for heart surgery. Comparative clinical study
Experience with combined electro-acupuncture anesthesia in open and closed heart surgery
Evaluation of the efficacy and neural mechanism of a hypnotic analgesia procedure in experimental and clinical dental pain.
Scientific valuation of acupuncture
Authors of the 1st Polish herbal: Stefan Falimirz, Hieronim Spiczyński, Marcin Siennik
Comparison of real and simulated acupuncture and isoproterenol in methacholine-induced asthma.
Medical registration in New Zealand.
Veterinary folk medicine under the Ottoman yoke
The development of Chinese herbal medicine and the Pen-ts'ao.
Treatise on acupuncture, academic thesis for the Degree of Medicinae Doctor at Uppsala University, 16 May 1829.
Current status of surgery in the Peoples' Republic of China
Acupuncture analgesia. I. Review of clinical studies.
Acupuncture and neurophysiology of pain.
A short history of dentistry in ancient times.
The cosmological and performative significance of a Thai cult of healing through meditation.
Dental care in Bulgaria after the liberation, "folk dental healers" and "dentists"
Holistic medicine and the function of neurosis.
Acupuncture and "science". Discussion contribution to M. Porkert: " The scientific place of acupuncture". M�nch. Med. Wschr. 118 (1976) 421
Mexican-American folk beliefs: how they affect health care.
Combined traditional Chinese and western treatment of poliomyelitis sequelae. Report of 792 cases.
Promoting mental health in the bicultural classroom.
Observations on electrical stimulation of the caudate nucleus of human brain and acupuncture in treatment of intractable pain.
Failure of acupuncture anesthesia?
Scalp acupuncture in brain diseases.
Familial myopathy with exclusively cardiac clinical expression
Neurophysiological correlates of acupuncture: limbic and thalamic responses to analgesic studies in non-human primates.
Experience with acupuncture treatment of early stages of Dumping syndrome within the scope of complex spa treatment
Veterinary medicine and acupuncture.
The treatment of viral warts.
Pleurotus tuber-regium from Nigeria.
Personal research on dosage of plant glycosides
Plant anticancer agents III: Isolation of indole and bisindole alkaloids from Tabernaemontana holstii roots.
Antitumor agents XXIII: Helenalin, and antitumor principle from Anaphalis morrisonicola HAY.
Use of acupuncture in the treatment of painful vertebrogenic syndromes
Retinol-binding protein in serum of xerophthalmic, malnourished children before and after treatment at a nutrition center.
Acupuncture anesthesia: pricking the balloon.
Biological significance of piezoelectricity in relation to acupuncture, Hatha Yoga, osteopathic medicine and action of air ions.
Chiropractors: healers or quacks? The eighty-year war with science.
Lead intoxication in an adult caused by Chinese herbal medication.
Obstetrical analgesia with electroacupuncture (proceedings)
Caring for the American Indian patient.
Nursing the Navajo.
Giving health care to minority patients.
Appalachians: a neglected minority.
American Indian health care practices. A cross-cultural perspective.
Folk beliefs and ethnocultural behavior in pediatrics. Medicine or magic.
Homeopathy. Part 1.
Homoeopathy. 3.
What?! No meat?!
Healing herbs, gods, and magic: folk health beliefs among Filipino-Americans.
Decision making of the health care consumer: a Nigerian example.
The socio-cultural aspects of food avoidance in a low-income population in Tamilnad, South India.
Large demand satisfies chiropractors' diagnostic capabilities
Chinese health service.
Challenges in antenatal education. 1. Immigrant women in childbirth--an anthropologist's view.
Nursing among the Tibetans - 6.000 ft. in hills.
Effects of "S. Rocco" calcium bicarbonate oligo-mineral water on diuresis in rats
Pharmacologic effects of "S. Rocco di Montemonaco" oligo-mineral water
Heroin detoxification with acupuncture and electrical stimulation.
Bouvardin and deoxybouvardin, antitumor cyclic hexapeptides from Bouvardia ternifolia (Rubiaceae).
Acupuncture: taking a closer look.
Illegal practice of medicine as regards certain therapeutic technics: acupuncture
Acupuncture in the psychiatric field. Psychodynamic and sociodynamic considerations
Acupunctural electric anesthesia. Comparison between the traditional Chinese technic and combined technic. Preliminary notes
Acupuncture in daily practice. In the field of dermatology
Auriculotherapy and pneumarthrocentesis in the treatment of hydrarthrosis of the knee
Essential headaches. Treatment with acupuncture in 15 cases under our observation
Trigeminal neuralgia. 9 cases under our observation
The morphological pathway of analgesia with acupuncture.
Tobacco and acupuncture
Electrohypalgesia (author's transl)
Traditional medicine: an agenda for medical geography.
Electroacupuncture analgesia in 500 heart surgery cases
The cultural cul-de-sac of Western medicine (towards a curvilinear compromise?)
Toxicity of modified preparation of "cow's urine" concoction in mice.
Experiences with combined electro-stimulation anesthesia (acupuncture analgesia) in abdominal surgery
Perceived illness and its treatment. A naturalistic study in social medicine.
Senegalese pharmacopoeia. Note on several traditional leprosy treatments practiced in Baouer (prefecture of Kebemer)
Treatment of headache with auto-acupressure.
Reduction of cold-pressor pain with acupuncture analgesia in high- and low-hypnotic subjects.
Pain reactions of rabbits under experimental electroacupuncture
Principles of the electro-bioenergetic transformations in the biologically active points of the skin and their clinical significance
Use of acupuncture in obstetrics
Acupuncture and nicotine withdrawal.
Toxicity of traditional herbal remedies.
Chiropractic needs proper diagnosis.
Effects of acupuncture on tissue-oxygenation of the rat brain.
On the possible specific role of acupuncture loci in therapeutics.
Acupuncture anesthesia in China.
Acupuncture research in the USSR.
Towards a realistic medical education policy.
The socio-cultural factors affecting health care delivery in Nigeria.
Beetle-eating: a Malaysia folk medical practice and its public health implications.
Fast detoxification of heroin addicts by acupuncture and electrical stimulation (AES) in combination with naloxone.
Acupuncture in bronchial asthma: bodyplethysmographic measurements of acute bronchospasmolytic effects.
Relief of experimentally-induced pain by stimulation at acupuncture loci: a review.
Laplace plane analysis of impedance between acupuncture points H-3 and H-4.
Study of the intake of fluid, output and titratable acidity of urine in medical students.
Internal migration and cross-cultural conflicts.
Order, analogy, and efficacy in Ethiopian medical divination.
The scope of ethnomedical science.
The medical therapy of powwowing: early history in Europe to surviving practices in modern America.
Polyunsaturated fatty acids and the brain.
Use of acupuncture anesthesia for normal delivery.
Trigger points and acupuncture points for pain: correlations and implications.
Acupuncture and chronic pain mechanisms: the moderating effects of affect, personality, and stress on response to treatment.
Current phytotherapeutic agents in the treatment of prostatic diseases
Manual therapy as an additional measure in the physical-balneological treatment of cervical syndrome
The heart of what's the matter. The semantics of illness in Iran.
Puerto Rican spiritism. Part I--Description and analysis of an alternative psychotherapeutic approach.
The health seeking process: an approach to the natural history of illness.
Antagonism of acupuncture analgesia in man by the narcotic antagonist naloxone.
Acupuncture reduces electrophysiological and behavioral responses to noxious stimuli: pituitary is implicated.
Acupuncture analgesia.
Mechanism of acupuncture analgesia.
Combined therapy of ovarian cancer (author's transl
The medical situation in China from the orthopedic viewpoint. Impressions from a study tour in 1976
In Morocco itinerant nurses hold the health care line.
First trial of electroacupuncture as a chief component of anesthesia
American Academy of Pediatrics. Committee on Nutrition. Nutritional aspects of vegeterianism, health foods, and fad diets.
Sublingual varicosities and vitamin C in elderly vegetarians.
Incidence and causes of blindness among the under 5 age group in Malawi.
Acupuncture analgesia.
An African culture in relation to medicine.
Cerebral homovanillic acid and audiogenic stress in the rat: effect of Cannabis resin
Potential transmission of hymenolepiasis by a practice of Malaysian Chinese folk medicine.
Changes in the angiographic pictures in Raynaud's disease following acupuncture treatment
Surgical analgesia by acupuncture. Studies of more than 500 cases
Acupuncture and psychiatry. Preliminary note
Acupuncture and gynecology
Treatment of subacute and chronic rhinosinusitis
Complications of acupuncture: viral hepatitis
Principles in the treatment of arthrosis of the cervical vertebrae
Acupuncture and pharmacology.
Scalp acupuncture in china.
Therapeutic effect of acupuncture for chronic pain.
Lidocaine injection of auricular points in the treatment of insomnia.
A growing problem in acupuncture research.
Treatment of cluster headache by acupuncture.
Acupuncture in two cases of peripheral nerve paralysis.
Dissecting hematoma of the internal carotid artery following chiropractic cervical manipulation.
Percutaneous radiofrequency lumbar rhizolysis.
Homeopathy. Placebo--or meaningful therapy?
Traditional therapy in Chinese medicine
Changes in the pain threshold due to the effect of electroacupuncture
Specific desensitization by homeopathic dilution in allergic rhinitis (proceedings)
Sociocultural barriers to medical care among Mexican Americans in Texas: a summary report of research conducted by the Southwest Medical Sociology Ad Hoc Committee.
Vitamin B12 deficiency due to psychotically induced malnutrition (author's transl)
Current problems in active susbtance research. 13. Selected problems and developmental trends of the phytopharmacology
Brain substances with a morphine effect--new light on pain
Auriculotherapy in the treatment of bronchial asthma
Angina and vegan diet.
Drugs used in the management of toxemia of pregnancy.
Religion, tradition, and personal attitudes toward health and illness in India.
Treatment of chronic essential hypertension.
Behavior of cerebral serotonin in rats subjected to audiogenic stress: influence of Cannabis resin
Low-resistance skin points that may coincide with acupuncture loci.
Acupuncture--effect on normal subjects.
Use of phytotherapy in children with pyelonephritis
Experiences during a stay in the People's Republic of China from March to mid-July in 1976
Junior Medical Officer--employed by the military government in Ghana
Hypno-suetherapy and its use in an otorhinolaryngologic clinic
Oral hyposensitization of children with pollinosis or house-dust asthma.
The pursuit of one's own healing.
A study of menarcheal age in India.
The public health implications of ethnomedical practices.
Blood pressure in Seventh-day Adventist vegetarians.
The use and misuse of vitamin supplements.
Food--fads and fallacies.
Vitamin B12 for vegans.
Cytotoxic agents from Bursera klugii (Burseraceae) I: isolation of sapelins A and B.
Acupuncture in the postoperative period in patients of the orthopedic-traumatological profile
The management of tic douloureux.
Effects of intrasegmental electrical acupuncture on dental pain: evaluation by threshold estimation and sensory decision theory.
Staphylococcal septicaemia with disseminated intravascular coagulation associated with acupuncture.
A study on the release of 3H-5-hydroxytryptamine from brain during acupuncture and morphine analgesia.
Evaluation of bronchodilating effect of euspiran against the background of acureflexopuncture therapy
Family planning attitudes and practices in rural eastern Nigeria.
Cow's urine poisoning in Nigeria: cardiorespiratory effects of cow's urine in dogs.
Tonsillectomy with electro acupuncture analgesia
Community psychiatry in Tutuila, American Samoa.
Use of acupuncture for stimulation of labor activity
Electroacupuncture analgesia in 500 heart surgery cases
Results of electroacupuncture
Cardiovascular effects of atropine on acupuncture, needling with electrostimulation, at Tsu San Li (St-36) in dogs.
Laplace plane analysis of transient impedance between acupuncture points Li-4 and Li-12.
A perspective on health on the Navajo Indian reservation.
Acupuncture ante portas (author's transl)
Manual therapy in the region of the lumbar spine
Sight and society in the People's Republic of China.
N'da Ha Laago.
Tobacco withdrawal. Efficacy of acupuncture in a comparative trial
More about acupuncture.
Psychosocial factors as mediators of acupuncture therapy.
A vegetarian program for students on a college board plan.
Internuclear ophthalmoplegia following cervical manipulation.
Cytotoxic agents from Michelia champaca and Talauma ovata: parthenolide and costunolide.
Vitamin B12 for vegans.
Acupuncture--its value and limitations.
An account of the treatment of a psychiatric patient by a N'anga.
Hazards of misdiagnosis due to Vietnamese folk medicine.
Witchcraft and soul loss: implications for community psychiatry.
Chiropractic management of the cervical syndrome in oto-rhino-laryngology (author's transl)
Cesalin--an anti-neoplastic protein.
Neurologic lesions following resetting measures on spine. Discussion to this J. 27, 656 (1976)
Thalamic neuron theory: a hypothesis concerning pain and acupuncture.
The possible role of enkephalin in the mechanism of acupuncture analgesia in man.
A comparative study of obstetric care in Greek migrant and Australian-born women. I. Use of obstetric services.
Is acupuncture a meaningful treatment for hearing disorders?[
Objective criteria for the evaluation of chiropractic treatment of spondylotic headache (author's transl)
Experience with Chinese acupuncture in psychiatry and in psychosomatic medicine
Study of cutaneous electrophysiology applicable to viscerocutaneous reflexes
Toxic dystrophy of the liver arising as a result of the uncontrolled use of an aqueous infusion of alder cones
Malayan folk medicine
Serum cholesterol and triglycerides concentrations in vegans.
The health of vegans during pregnancy.
Distribution of physicians in family practice and other medical specialties in Texas, 1969-1973: a statistical review.
Comparative evaluation of various methods of treatment of patients with hypothalamic syndrome of occupational etiology
Reflexotherapy of chronic prostatitis
Transition to autohypnosis using acupuncture
Recent bio-electronic discoveries concerning allergies and visceral spasmodic states. Correlations between biorhythms and bioequivalents
Role of the humoral factor in the mechanism of analgetic effect of acupuncture
The treatment of intractable pain in hospitals(pain clinics), in private practice.
Is acupuncture a meaningful therapy for the hard of hearing?
The influence of acupuncture stimulation during pregnancy: the induction and inhibition of labor.
Velocities of growth in vegetarian preschool children.
Acupuncture treatment for deaf-mute children.
Colerina: reactions to emotional stress in the Peruvian Andes.
A North Indian healer and the sources of his power.
Communication between peasant and doctor in Tunisia.
The impact of methods on the analysis of illness concepts in a Guatemalan community.
Accessibility of modern and traditional health services in Singapore.
Adaptation in health behavior: modern and traditional medicine in a West Mexican community.
Creole and doctor medicine: folk beliefs, practices, and orientations to modern medicine in a rural and an industrial suburban setting in Trinidad and Tobago, the West Indies.
Cervical manipulation and stroke.
Sight and society in the People's Republic of China.
Failure of acupuncture to produce localized analgesia.
The populations belief in and contact with folk-medicine. A nation-wide interview survey
Folk remedies vs child battering.
Environmental effects on antipyrine half-life in man.
Screening of homoeopathic mother tinctures for antimicrobial activity.
Metabolic study on a patient with nutritional vitamin D deficiency.
Effect of acupuncture on the pneumoencephalographic distress symptoms (author's transl)
The acupuncture dilemma: paramedical magic or potential anesthesiologic method?
The problem of acupuncture
Effect of stimulation of bulbar reticular formation on long latency discharges in the region of nucleus centralis lateralis of thalamus.
The inhibition effect and the mode of action of electro-acupuncture upon discharges from the pain-sensitive cells in spinal trigeminal nucleus.
Acupuncture and phonostimulation in pollenosis and vasomotor rhinitis in the light of psychosomatic investigations.
Increased cerebrospinal fluid levels of endorphins after electro-acupuncture.
Acupuncture in dentistry
Postoperative analgesia by acupuncture in minor oral surgery
Fecal microbial flora in Seventh Day Adventist populations and control subjects.
Some effects of acupuncture at Jen Chung (Go-26) on cardiovascular dynamics in dogs.
Concept of Chinese acupuncture (author's transl)
Electroencephalograms during electroacupunctural analgesia in the dog.
Folk medical beliefs and practices in Sitiawan.
The role of energetic skin zones in the regulatory processes of the energetic balance of the human organism
Use of acupuncture in traumatological practice
Response to cold pressor pain and to acupuncture analgesia in Oriental and Occidental subjects.
The medical profession and the witchdoctor.
Traditional healing methods for mental disorders.
Rheographic examination of blood flow changes in the lower limbs after electric stimulation of acupuncture points
Acupuncture. Comment to the article by Dr. med. Peter Otto
Body acupuncture as complement of usual methods of treatment in family practice
Ear-acupuncture in headache
Treatment report from Thailand.
Vegetarian vs. normal as casual agents in tooth decay.

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