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October 2022

A case of musicogenic epilepsy

Author(s): Kawai, I., Ohashi, H., Kimura, S.

Journal/Book: Folia Psychiatr Neurol Jpn. 1977; 31: 463-72.

Abstract: 1) A case of musicogenic epilepsy or psychomotor seizures supervening whenever the patient hears a certain tume has been presented. 2) The EEG features of the seizure are such as are often seen in psychomotor seizures. 3) Auditory evoked response may be left out of consideration. 4) There is no appreciable relationship between the disease and the life history of the patient. The attempt of our patient to cure herself by making use of conditioned reflex proved to be a failure. The patient is more liable to the disease when she is on the strain while hearing a tune. 5) Our consideration of the mechanism of the disease has led to the presumptive conclusion that hyperacusis, conditioned reflexes and the impact of life history may be involved, and the fragility of the memory function of the temporal lobe underlie the genesis of the disease.

Keyword(s): Epilepsy|DT/ET/PP. Music|

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