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October 2021

The School Support Program: Music therapy for adjustment problems in elementary schools

Author(s): Vaughan, Marion, Dolan, Cathy

Journal/Book: Journal of Music Therapy. 1976; 13: 87-100.

Abstract: Describes the organization and procedures of the Music Therapy School Support Program in Cleveland, Ohio, which involves the cooperation of a community music school, a community mental health center, neighborhood centers, and elementary schools. The music school contracts to provide a registered music therapist in an elementary school for classes of pupils with behavioral problems. The problem structure is presented in detail, including (a) sample target objectives for hyper- and hypoactive children, and (b) 2 examples of methods used with hyperactive groups. The purpose of the program is 3-fold: (a) to provide, through a community resource, a program of early intervention not available in the schools; (b) to modify inappropriate behavior patterns that interfere with the child's learning and the learning of others; and (c) to provide the opportunity for classroom teachers to learn new management methods appropriate for application in the classroom.

Note: Music Therapy School Support Program; elementary school children with adjustment problems

Keyword(s): Music therapy; educational programs; elementary school students; school adjustment; behavior problems

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