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September 2022

Effect of the essential oil of garlic on serum cholesterol, plasma fibrinogen, whole blood coagulations time and fibrinolytic activity in alimentary lipaemia

Author(s): Bansal, H., Arora, S., Rathore, A., Ranawat, R., Singh, S.

Journal/Book: Journal of the Association of Physicians of India. 1974; 22: 267-270.

Abstract: The effect of garlic juice was studied in 5 healthy subjects and in another 5, the effect of essential oil extract of equivalent amount of garlic (administered in 2 gelatine cap.) was studied on alimentary hyperlipaemia and on blood coagulation, induced by feed-ing 100 gm of butter. It was noticed that garlic has very significant protective action against fat induced increase in serum cholesterol and plasma fibrinogen and decrease in fibrinolytic activity and coagulation time. Similar effect was ob-served by the essential oil fraction of garlic juice. It has been found that typical acrid taste and unpleasant odour is entirely confined to this fraction. Further, it is this very essential oil, which has exactly duplicated the beneficial effects of whole garlic. It can therefore be safely c oncluded that the active principal of gar- is the essential oil, which chemically a combination of sulphur containing propyl disulphide and diallyl disulphide.

Keyword(s): Knoblauch

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