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May 2022

A Study of the Effects of Hypoglycemic Agents on Vascular Complications in Patients with Adult-onset Diabetes

Journal/Book: UGDP-Study Diabetes-University Group Diabetes Programm. 1970;

Abstract: This manuscript was prepared for the University Group Diabetes Program by Christian R. Klimt M.D. Dr. P. H.; Genell L. Knatterud Ph.D.; Curtis L. Meinert Ph.D.; and Thaddeus E. Prout M.D. 7. SUMMARY AND CONCLUSION This report was devoted to an evaluation of mortality results observed in the University Group Diabetes Program (UGDP). Twelve Clinical Centers and a Coordinating Center participated in the UGDP. Important features of the study design included the establishment of a common study protocol to provide for the collection of comparable data; random allocation of patients to the treatments under investigation; double-blind evaluation of the oral drugs under study; incorporation of a comparable control group; long-term observation of patients; and central collection editing and on-going monitoring of the study data. The diagnostic criterion for diabetes in this study was based on a standard glucose tolerance test. Only newly diagnosed diabetics willing to participate in the study with a good prognosis for a five-year survival and with a SUM GTT 500 mg. per 100 ml. were eligible for enrollment. In this report only the results for the 823 patients allocated to the treatment groups listed below have been considered.* Approximately the same number of patients was assigned to each of the four treatment groups under study (205 in PLBO 204 in TOLB 210 in ISTD and 204 in IVAR). ... *As mentioned in section 1 the results for a fifth treatment group phenformin are not presented in this report. schö

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