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May 2022

Zur Bedeutung der Grenzstrahlen für die Strahlenforschung. 3. Mitteilung: Das Phänomen des grundsätzlichen Unterschieds im Wirkungsweg und Mechanismus der direkten und indirekten Absorbtionswirkung von Quantenenergie auf Zellkomplexebene innerhalb der regulativ gesteuerten Ganzheit.

Journal/Book: Urban & Schwarzenberg München-Berlin-Wien 1970; Sonderdruck 140/6:678-686; Strahlentherapie - Archiv für klinische und experimentelle Radiologie. 1970;

Abstract: Direct and indirect effects of absorption must be classified defined systematically on three planes: The molecular plane the cellular plane and the cell complex plane. Furthermore it is necessary to clearly differentiate the indirect effect of absorption on the skin from the physiological effect which originates from energy absorption in the skin. Another condition for understanding the new problems is a clear conception of the regular weakening of the quantum energy that is transported through space and matter by wave traction. Corpuscular rays equally the secundary ones which are produced by primary ionization during the photonic conversion are limited by zero in a range determined by m/2v2. As the organ "skin" forms only few millimeters of the surface of the entity it is possible to effect the absorption for almost the entire quantum energy applied in merely a few millimeters of the surface i.e. in the skin; this is provoked by the long wave grenz rays as well as by the extremely high decrease of absorption. Vice versa facts are found in normal whole body irradiation in which a homogenization of the absorptions in all layers is striven for by an extrem induration of the radiation items. In this cases a minimum of the skin dose is confronting a large body dose. The model case "skin" proves the fact that the destruction represented by epitheliolysis and by radiation ulcers is merely the consequence of the body dose. This indirect effect ofdestruction is a new phenomenon which has not been explored so far.

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