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October 2022

A New Gas Chromatographic Separation Column for Pesticide Analysis

Journal/Book: JOURNAL OF GAS CHROMATOGRAPHY VOL. 6 FEBRUARY 1968 S. 79-83. 1968;

Abstract: (Biologische Bundesanstalt für Land- und Fortswirtschaft Institut für Pflanzenschutzmittelforschung [Federal Biological Center for Agriculture and Forestry; Institute for Plant Protection Materials Research]) Berlin-Dahlem Germany Abstract A -irradiation product of stilbene M-3 is well suited as a polar stationary phase for the gas chromatographic analysis of insecticides. It is resistant to high temperatures making available for insecticide analysis a polar phase capable of being used at temperatures of up to 275° in addition to Versamid 900 which we have recognized for the analysis of herbicides in 1964. The suitability of SE-30 SE-52 DC-200 DC-11 DC-11 + Epon 1001 XE-60 QF-1 and M-3 for the temperatureprogrammed gas chromatographic analysis of insecticides has been investigated. Polarity considerations were discussed. It has been shown on the basis of some examples that the gas chromatographic behavior of selected active agents on differential columns is consistent with contemporary theories regarding their structure. . . .

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