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Mortality and Morbidity During a Period of High Levels of Air Pollution Original Articles

Journal/Book: Arch Environ Health-Vol 15 Dec 1967. 1967;

Abstract: New York Nov 23 to 25 1966 Marvin Glasser ScD; Leonard Greenburg MD; and Franklyn Field OD New York Submitted for publication Aug 18 1967; accepted Aug 19. From the Albert Einstein College of Medicine Yeshiva University New York. Reprint requests to 1300 Morris Park Ave New York 10461 (Dr. Greenburg). Summary With the onset of high levels of air pollution daily deaths due to all causes immediately rose to higher than expected levels and remained at higher than expected levels for seven consecutive days. There were 24 more deaths per day than during the control periods. Thus in all there was a total of 168 excess deaths. The excess number of deaths per day was observed in each of the three age groups studied. This excess increased with increasing age.8ignificant increases in the number of deaths were observed an one or more days for arteriosclerotic heart disease vascular lesions of the central nervous system malignant neoplasms of the respiratory system the category "other diseases of the circulatory system" and the miscellaneous group "all other causes." The timing and duration of the observed increases varied by cause of death. Because the weather was unseasonably warm during the air pollution episode daily death patterns of another warm spell characterized by normal levels of pollution were examined. It was concluded that the rise in temperature at the time of the episode could not account for the observed increase in mortality although it might have been a contributing factor. The number of emergency clinic visits for bronchitis and asthma at seven large New York hospitals was examined. There was a rise in the number of such visits an the third day of the episode among patients age 45 and over at three of the seven hospitals investigated. Unfortunately the Thanksgiving Day holiday greatly complicated this portion of the study. The data available do not make it possible to evaluate the contribution if any of the Thanksgiving Day holiday to the observed rise in emergency clinic visits. This study was supported by US Department of Health Education and Welfare Contract PH 86-66-122. ___MH

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