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October 2022

A Simplified Method for separating Amino-acid Mixtures from Protein Hydrolysates on a One Ion-exchange Column.

Journal/Book: Nature September 16 1961 ´Vol.191. 1961;

Abstract: Liebster J. Kopoldva J. Dobiasova M. Radioisotope Laboratoris Biological Institute Czechoslovak Academy of Sciences Praha Most of the methods used for the separation of mixtures of amino-acids are based on the work of Moore et al.1-3. Separation is achieved either on two columns acidic amino-acids being separated on a Dowex 1 anion-exchange column and the basic and neutral amino-acids on a Dowex 50 cation-exchange column or by chromato- graphy on one column on Dowex 50 in the H-cycle elution being carried out with citrate phosphate buffer solutions. Hamilton and Anderson4 recently described a semi-automatic method for these separations containing several improvements of the original process. These methods ensure good separation of amino-acids; the eluates however contain either the hydrochlorides of the amino-acid and hydrochloric acid or considerable amounts of salts which are difficult to remove. An efficient method for the separation of amino-acids should permit separation in a small volume of the elution reagent in a short time; the buffers used should be removable by a simple method. Wilcox et al.5 used volatile buffers for the separation of aspartic and glutamic acid on an anion-exchange ... schö

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