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Journal/Book: Presented to the Sixth Annual Meeting of the Association of American Spas. Hot Springs Ark. October 19-21 1960.. 1960;

Abstract: Institute of Systematic Medical Therapy and Medical Hydrology of the University of Rome Dir. Prof. M. MESSINI We are indebted to the Association of American Spas for the invitation to this meeting and for giving us the honor of speaking to this assembly together with so many prominent scientists from the U.S. and the world over. We are indeed very happy to attend this Congress in this particular moment. Medical hydrology in the very long centuries of its history has had periods of decline and rise and most fortunately we have today the venture of living in a time of remarkable development in this field of science. The conjuncture has a special significance for us because we feel it as incitemento give our best efforts to contribute to this development. With this spirit among the many sentiments which accompanied us on our long trip there is the vivid feeling that we have been called to perform a very special duty : to lay the basis for an uninterrupted research co-operation in the field of hydrology between American and European and foremost Italian thermalists. In the realization of this aim we desire that disregarding our persons and our modest work you consider only the personality of our Maestros and the fruitful work of the School to which we have the honour to belong and which opened up in our country a vast scientific field of doctrine. There is still very much to do ... schö

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