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December 2022

Eosinophil Leucocyte-attracting Effect of Histamine in Skin

Journal/Book: Reprinted from Nature Vol. 187 No. 4732 pp. 155-156 July 9 1960. 1960;

Abstract: Equine Research Station Animal Health Trust Newmarket. WHEN histamine is injected into skin one of the effects that follows is an attraction of eosinophil leucocytes. A number of reports of this have been published1-5 ; but none of these papers discussed the effects of widely differing rates of dosage nor the varying degrees of eosinophilic infiltration around the injection site. The purpose of this communication is to report upon the extent of the eosinophil infiltration which follows various doses of histamine as the acid phosphate into the skin of horses. The skin of the necks of cross-bred ponies was used. The sites for injection and subsequent biopsy were so placed that the centres of the sites were at least 10 cm. apart. The intradermal injections consisted of the required amounts of histamine acid phosphate (B.D.H.) dissolved in 0 2 ml. sterile physiological saline. The development of œdema was measured and recorded and the skin biopsies were made 4 hr. after injection. The method has been described in detail elsewhere2. Six ponies were prepared each with 11 teat sites for biopsy an both sides of the neck a total of 132 sites. Injections of histamine were given so that doses of 0 01 gm. to 20 mgm. were dispersed at random among the available sites on each pony while two control sites in each pony received the saline vehicle only. From the akin biopsies sections were prepared and counts of the eosinophils occurring in 25 consecutive highpower fields were made. The results are expressed as an average number of eosinophils in each field (Fig. 1). Each observation is plotted with the standard deviation. In the conditions of this experiment a maximal eosinophilic infiltration occurred with doses approximating to 100 gm. A second high response occurred with loses of 5 mgm. Some infiltration with eosinophils occurred with a lose as low as 005 gm. while the controI sites which did not receive any histamine had an average eosinophil count leas than 0 1 cell per high-power field. ... ___MH

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