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Journal/Book: Reprinted from the Journal of the Indian Medical Association Vol. XXIII No. 11 August 1954-pp. 508-511. 1954;

Abstract: T. N. MATHUR M.B.B.S. D.T.M. P.C.M.S. Department of Bacteriology & Pathology K. E. Hospital Karnal Punjab (India) Stone et al (1950) described partial rehabilitation of patients suffering from rheumatoid arthritis by internal therapy with A.C.T.H. and cortisone. A case of rheumatoid arthritis who was completely helpless crippled and in great agony and whom A.C.T.H. helped to be rehabilitated to a great extent is presented. CASE REPORT A. N. 45 years came to us with the following complaints in July 1951: 1.Pain in almost all the joints of the body except those of the vertebral column-duration 4 years. 2. Stiffness of joints-duration 4 years. 3. Loss of appetite-duration 3 years. 4. Complete confinement to bed-duration 2 years. 5. Difficulty in moving the joints. He could be helped to turn in bed with great difficulty and with considerable pain-duration 2 years. 6. Inability to tolerate even a bed sheet not to say of quilts over his body--duration 3 years. 7. Loss of vision-duration 2 years. In January 1947 he had a bad attack of cold and even after this attack he used to feel very tired in the limbs after the day's work. During this attack of illness it was discovered that he passed albumin in his urine. He was advised by his physicians to give up drinks. In October 1947 he had sore eyes following a blow an his face. The redness in the eye persisted till November 1947 when he had another attack of cold and later high temperature and pain in the chest lasting for about 3 weeks when the condition was diagnosed to be pleurisy. He had the usual treatment including rest in bed and strapping up of the chest. The illness left him generally weak and he used to feel very tired even an little exertion. The redness of his eyes persisted and in December 1947 he was diagnosed to be suffering from iritis. He had pain in the limbs and chest and felt very lethargic. Due to the presence of albumen in his urine he was admitted to a nursing home as a case of nephritis. With 6 weeks´ treatment in the hospital the quantity of albumen in urine decreased to only a trace. In January 1948 he started getting pain in the knees and his ankles were inflamed. For the iritis he was given atropine drops but the pupils did not dilate fully. His vision improved in March 1948 but the pain in the joints became worse. He could however walk till June 1948 although he had considerable difficulty in standing from a sitting position. ... ___MH

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