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Heilpflanzen-Welt - Natürlich natürlich!
March 2021


Journal/Book: J. Physiol. (1954) 124 345-357. 1954;

Abstract: From the M.R.C. Division of Human Physiology National Institute for Medical Research Holly Hill London N.W.3 Received 13 November 1953 *Satra Fellows. SUMMARY 1. The rate of volume blood flow in the foot was measured in four subjects at local temperatures from 15 to 44° C using the venous occlusion plethysmography technique 2. The average resting blood flow in the young adult male foot ranged from 0 2 ml./100 ml. tissue/min at 15° to 165 ml./100 ml./min at 44° C. 3. The blood flow was not constant during an experiment. The major variation was an increase with time at temperatures above 32° C and a decrease below 33° C returning after an interval towards the initial value. 4. The absolute amplitude of ´spontaneous' variation was greatest at the higher temperatures. The relative amplitude proportional to the mean flow was greatest at 29-32° C. 5. The results presented are compared with previous values obtained in the hand and foot. Flow patterns are compared with those in the forearm and their importance noted. The authors with to express their appreciation to Dr O. G. Edholm for advice and encouragement. Our thanks are also due to Mr Landau of the London Rubber Co. for providing socks. ___MH

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