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Bibliography — Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM) — 1990

Perspectives. Chiropractors: AMA's bone of contention.
Take it from a D.C.: a lot of chiropractic is a sham.
AMA conspiracy case comes to an end.
Future trends in healing.
The first educational institution of acupuncture-moxibustion in China] (Chi).
Exploration on herbology of Kai-Bao period (Kai Bao Bin Cao)] (Chi).
History of medicine and the contribution of Hahnemann.
Studies on the spiders as folk medicines. (I) Medicinal spiders in China] (Jpn).
Lydia Pinkham understood what it took to promote cures.
A survey of chiropractic college archives in the United States and Canada.
William H. Werner and the American Bureau of Chiropractic: organizing a lay constituency.
An historical overview of foreign students in chiropractic: 1900-1988.
The Lensgraf chiropractors: three generations of practitioners.
Following D. D. Palmer to the West Coast: the Pasadena connection, 1902.
Rationalism and empericism vs. the philosophy of science in chiropractic.
The man, the book, the lessons: the chiropractor's adjuster, 1910.
A sword in a madman's hand: professional opposition to popular consumption in the waters literature of southern England and the Midlands, 1570-1870.
A survey of traditional medicine of the She nationality in Eastern Fujian] (Chi).
Domestic medical guides and the drug trade in nineteenth-century America.
Domestic medicine in colonial Queensland.
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Homeopathy: from Hahnemann to the present.
France: a lawyer's view on female circumcision performed among immigrants.
Ritual hot baths (wankan-jego) in Zaria, Nigeria.
Abuja declaration calls for action against hazardous traditional practices.
Cultural practices in Nigeria.
Accidents linked to traditional treatment of convulsions of infants and children in Benin
Traditional birth care.
Children and traditional practices
Harmful practices affecting women's health
Primary care. Vision of a rural doctor
Comparative study on the acceptance and use of contraceptive methods in a rural population in Kelantan.
Sex role effects on female response to illness.
Differential inhibition of the activities of reverse transcriptase and various cellular DNA polymerases by a traditional Kampo drug, sho-saiko-to.
Agglutinating and immobilizing activity of an ethanol extract of Bursera fagaroides on human and other mammalian spermatozoa
Medicine-like "nature-products"
Cadmium contamination of the countryside, a case study on health effects.
Nucleic acid components in carbohydrate-rich food
Emphasizing the effect of space and time on the study of traditional Chinese medicine and Western medicine--a hypothesis based on the application of zi-wu-Liu-zhu in the treatment of GI hemorrhage
Transcutaneous nerve stimulation as palliative treatment of pain
The effect of the septal area in acupuncture analgesia
Spinal learning: central modulation of pain processing and long-term alteration of interneuronal excitability as a result of nociceptive peripheral input.
About participation.
The therapist and the source of healing among the Yaka of Zaire.
The late results of treatment with homeopathic agents in patients with prostatic adenoma
Rheumatoid arthritis: the role of the kinder and gentler therapies.
The role of substance P in electroacupuncture analgesia and its relation to enkephalins in the rat brain
The influence of P-chlorophenylalanine on the analgesia of electro-acupuncture and the level of SP in CNS of rats
Relation of capsaicin-sensitive neurones to the effect of electro-acupuncture analgesia
The influence of electroacupuncture analgesia on substance P level in the central nervous system of rats.
The influence of 5,7-dihydroxytryptamine on the electroacupuncture analgesia and the substance P level in the central nervous system of rats.
Comparative observations on the curative results of the treatment of central aphasia by puncturing the yumen point versus conventional acupuncture methods.
Time-course studies of immediate and delayed immune reactivity in patients with atopic dermatitis treated with herbal drugs.
A salt-hypertension hypothesis.
Diet and lifestyle in hypertension: changing perspectives.
Subarachnoid hemorrhage and spinal root injury caused by acupuncture needle--case report.
Inhibition of human immunodeficiency virus reverse transcriptase by Chinese medicines in vitro.
Vitamin C and blood pressure.
Complex treatment of neuromuscular diseases of the esophagus
Psychological profile of personality of patients with bronchial asthma and chronic obstructive bronchitis
Effect of liu wei di huang or jin gui shen qi decoction as on adjuvant treatment in small cell lung cancer
Actual problems of the treatment of the main forms of occupational diseases
Effects of ginseng polysaccharides on reducing blood glucose and liver glycogen
Response of liver to glucocorticoid is altered by administration of shosaikoto (kampo medicine).
Taking the lava cure.
Many points to needle.
Serum 25-hydroxyvitamin D and colon cancer.
Acupuncture and neurophysiology.
Vomiting and chemotherapy.
Pseudonutrition and the Medicines Act.
Acupuncture before delivery: effect on pain perception and the need for analgesics.
South Africa: self-medication.
From "powerful plants" to powerful medicines.
Acupuncture and Medline.
Can lifestyle changes reverse coronary heart disease? The Lifestyle Heart Trial.
New peptide mechanism of auriculo-acupuncture electro-analgesia: role of angiotensin II.
Bladder instability and enuresis treated by acupuncture and electro-therapeutics: early urodynamic observations.
Beneficial effects of acupuncture treatment following experimental spinal cord injury: a behavioral, morphological, and biochemical study.
Treatment of acute or chronic severe, intractable pain and other intractable medical problems associated with unrecognized viral or bacterial infection: Part I.
108 cases of hemiplegia caused by stroke: the relationship between CT scan results, clinical findings and the effect of acupuncture treatment.
Chiropracters and low back pain.
Psychopharmacologic profile of an aqueous extract of Piper umbellatum
Re-analysis of clinical trial of homoeopathic treatment in fibrositis.
Chiropractors and low back pain.
Effect of monoamine neurotransmitters in the hypothalamus in a cortisol-induced rat model of yang-deficiency
Juices, coffee enemas, and cancer.
Vasodilator therapy for angina pectoris: the intersection of homeopathy and scientific medicine.
Publicity and controversial data.
Homoeopathic treatment of fibrositis.
Clinical study of syncope during acupuncture treatment.
Studies on the enhanced effect of acupuncture analgesia and acupuncture anesthesia by D-phenylalanine (2nd report)--schedule of administration and clinical effects in low back pain and tooth extraction.
Storing of qi gong energy in various materials and drugs (qi gongnization): its clinical application for treatment of pain, circulatory disturbance, bacterial or viral infections, heavy metal deposits, and related intractable medical problems by selectively enhancing circulation and drug uptake.
The effect of benzodiazepines administration on auricular symptomatological evidence.
Immunomodulation by LongoVital in patients with recurrent aphthous ulceration.
Chiropractors and low back pain.
Influence of microinjection of dynorphin antibody into periaqueductal gray (PAG) on analgesia induced by electroacupuncture of different frequencies in rats
Effects of humoral factors in viscera-auriculopoint response in rabbits--a cross circulation experiment.
New natural products in cancer chemotherapy.
Humoral factors in the modulation of sustained discharges of polymodal nociceptors
Use of alternative medicine by patients with atopic dermatitis and psoriasis.
Alternative therapy for atopic dermatitis and psoriasis: patient-reported motivation, information source and effect.
Effects of destruction of preoptic catecholaminergic nerve terminal on acupuncture analgesia.
Differentiation of acupuncture and nonacupuncture points by difference of associated opioids in the spinal cord in production of analgesia by acupuncture and nonacupuncture point stimulation, and relations between sodium and those opioids.
Clinical uses of P6 acupuncture antiemesis.
Abstracts and short papers of the 6th International Symposium on Acupuncture and Electro-therapeutics. New York City, October 25-28, 1990.
Effects of four dopamine agonists on l-tetrahydropalmatine-induced analgesia and electroacupuncture analgesia in rabbits.
Professor Richard Cheetham retires in South Africa.
Manual and magneto-barotherapy of spinal osteochondrosis
Psycho-reflexotherapy in the complex treatment of chronic diseases of the stomach and duodenum in children
Traditional healing in the Canary Islands
Acupuncture antiemesis.
The effect of auricular electroacupuncture on the initial manifestations of cerebral circulatory failure in hypertension patients
The combined use of functional biocontrol and acupuncture reflexotherapy in children with the spastic forms of infantile cerebral palsy
Radon therapy and the use of acupuncture reflexotherapy in patients with cervical and lumbar osteochondrosis
Alternative therapies, homeopathy and medical science
Ethical considerations. Life's philosophy--elements which shouldn't be missing in discussions of alternative medicine
Determinants of eight-year diet recall ability.
Inadequate vegan diets at weaning.
Alternative treatment possibilities of atopic diseases
The microwave resonance therapy of reflux esophagitis
Western trained nurses' assessment of the different categories of traditional healers in southwestern Nigeria.
Nepal: integrating traditional and modern health services in the remote area of Bashkharka.
Resolving strabismus through craniomandibular manipulation.
Familial dyskinesia following single dose metoclopramide.
The discovery of the vinca alkaloids--chemotherapeutic agents against cancer.
The role of ethnopharmacology in drug development.
Ethnobotany and the identification of therapeutic agents from the rainforest.
Ethnopharmacology and the search for new drugs.
Naturally occurring cyclohexene epoxides revisited.
Surgery in Ayurveda/Homoeopathy curriculum.
Blood cell production and hemostatic mechanism in Thai vegetarians.
Hypalgesic efficacy of acupuncture on experimental pain in man. Comparison of laser acupuncture and needle acupuncture.
Laser treatment applied to acupuncture points in lateral humeral epicondylalgia. A double-blind study.
Toothache in the XVII century: classical therapy and new medicines.
From Rumanian folk medicine: Non-specific stimulus therapy using transcutaneous implantation of hellebore (Helleborus purpurascens, Fam. Ranunculaceae) in agriculturally useful animals
The De la Cruz codex. Libellus de medicinalibus indorum herbis. 1552
Morphology of skeletal muscles after long-term hypokinesia and laser acupuncture
Traditional Vietnamese medicine in the treatment of pain syndromes
Dynamics of modulation super-slow waves in EEG and EKG during weak infrared irradiation of the "heart" acupuncture point of the floor of the auricle
Karin teaches acupuncture. "Watch out for quick courses!". Interview by John Gradowski.
Dietary compliance in patients with chronic renal failure: experience in a northern Italy trial.
Law proposal on alternative medicine gets both blame and praise
Brucellosis: a rare cause of the unstable spine.
The dynamics of the ECG Q-T interval in patients with cervical osteochondrosis undergoing manual therapy
Homeopathy--200 years of medicine with a million patient visits per year
Iatrogenic pneumothorax caused by acupuncture
Smooth muscle relaxing flavonoids from Alchornea cordifolia.
Homeopathy for the restoration of transit after abdominal surgery
Laser therapy in dust bronchitis
A critical look at the subluxation hypothesis.
The persistence of traditional medicine in urban areas: the case of Canada's Indians.
Cervical spine palpation.
Trigeminal neuralgia: treatment failure with auriculotherapy: two case reports.
Determination of ephedrine, pseudoephedrine and strychnine in jiufen san by HPLC
The doctrine of homeopathy. A past without a future
Comparative studies of the effectiveness of brief psychotherapy, acupuncture and papaverin therapy in patients with irritable bowel syndrome
Endemic leprosy in the People's Republic of Congo. An epidemiological and behavioral analysis
Dietary proteins affect proteinuria in primary membranous glomerulonephritis with nephrotic syndrome and normal renal function.
Postpartum homeopathic Arnica montana: a potency-finding pilot study.
Plastibell circumcision.
Hepatic veno-occlusive disease associated with comfrey ingestion.
Acupuncture in stomatology
Seroprevalence and risk factors for hepatitis B virus infection by AgHBs and anti-HBs markers in prisoners and prime blood donors
Quality of alternative medicine--complications and avoidable deaths.
Complementary medicine.
Herbal remedies.
Effects of acupuncture in moderate, stable angina pectoris: a controlled study.
Livingston-Wheeler therapy.
Reduced arachidonate in serum phospholipids and cholesteryl esters associated with vegetarian diets in humans.
Bandages and dressings--traditional nursing methods newly tested
A comparison of drug products available in Germany and the United States.
Effects of cows' urine concoction with and without tobacco leaves on plasma glucose concentration in fasted rats.
Effect of aloes on blood glucose levels in normal and alloxan diabetic mice.
The effects of very low fat diets enriched with fish or kangaroo meat on cold-induced vasoconstriction and platelet function.
Long-term effects on lipid metabolism of weight reduction on lactovegetarian and mixed diet.
The healing herbs of Dr Edward Bach.
Acupuncture or quackery?
Effects of destruction of preoptic catecholaminergic nerve terminals on acupuncture analgesia
Multivitamin supplementation of adult omnivores and lactovegetarians: circulating levels of vitamin A, D and E, lipids, apolipoproteins and selenium.
The correlation of central projection of the acupoints riyue, qimen with correlative viscera, in the rabbit
The change of ACh metabolism in the dorsal horn of spinal cord and spinal ganglia during electroacupuncture analgesia (EAA)
Involvement of oxytocin in spinal cord in acupuncture analgesia
The anti-hemorrhagic shock of acupuncture on neiguan and its effect on the cardial pump function and the blood viscosity
Studies on the interrelationships between some acupoints on pericardial channel and heart
The influence of electric needling "Juci" on nail-bed microcirculation of apoplectic patients
An observation of protective effect of acupuncture on the gastric mucosa of Wistar rats and the relative histochemical changes of the neurotransmitters
The influence of lesion of different areas of sensorimotor cortex on effects of EA on NRM neurons
The effects of microinjection of TRH or morphine into unilateral nucleus septum on pain threshold and electroacupuncture analgesia in rats
Relationship between the precruciate cortex and the ventral lateral posterior nucleus of the thalamus in acupuncture analgesia
Change of myocardial glucose and free fatty acid metabolism and effect of electroacupuncture on them during experimental myocardial angina
The effect of laser irradiation on arthritis in rats
Changes in responses of parafascicular nuclei during adjuvant-induced acute arthritis and effect of acupuncture in the rat
Studies on the phenomenon of latent propagated sensation along channel (LPSC) by combining applied knocks, measurement of resistance and record electric current
The integration of traditional medicine into the Nigerian health care delivery system: legal implications and complications.
Technology and outpatient review: a preliminary evaluation.
The problems of a social survey in epidemiology: an experience from a Zambian rural community.
Vegetarianism, fish eating and jogging.
Child feeding by Nigerian mothers during acute diarrhoeal illness.
Effects of noradrenaline and dopamine in preoptic area on acupuncture analgesia
Effects of promethazine on acupuncture analgesia
The effects of needling acupoint, nonpain and pain stimulation on electroencephalogram (EEG) of somatosensory area analysed by computer
The effect of extradural injection of capsaicin on pain threshold and electroacupuncture analgesia of rat
Acetylcholine and the primary input of acupuncture sensation--influence of peripheral acetylcholine on the role of electroacupuncture analgesia
The relations between acupuncture analgesia and changes of concentration of serum metallic ion
The study of effect of pain in the change of respiration by stimulating "renzhong" acupoint
The establishment of experiment model of gastric dysrhythmia and the study of its mechanism in rabbits
Morphometric observation on the mast cells under the acupuncture meridian lines
Study on correction of abnormal fetal position by applying ginger paste at zhihying acupoint A. Report of 133 cases
Application of acupuncture anesthesia during craniocerebral operation in temporo-fronto-occipital region
The role of negative feedback modulating pain of nucleus raphe magnus in electroacupuncture analgesia
Clinical approaches to improvement of appendectomy effects under acupuncture anesthesia
Maintenance of best needle sensation and small dose of fentanyl and droperidol applied in herniotomy (clinical analysis of 30 cases)
The efferent pathway of the septal nuclei on participation in acupuncture analgesia
Electron microscopic observation on the effect of electroacupuncture (EA) on the ultrastructure of periaqueductal gray (PAG) and nucleus raphe magnus (NRM) in rats
An approach to mechanism of function of auricular point
The comparison of changes of the facial temperature after acupuncturing point of hand and foot-yangming meridians by the thermography
Effect of electro-acupuncture of zusanli on unit discharges in the lateral hypothalamic area induced by stomach distension
Therapeutic effects of electroacupuncture (EA) on acute experimental arthritis in rats
The influence of deep or shallow acupuncturing "huantiao" acupoint upon the analgesia and histochemical components of locus coeruleus
Reduction of effects of stimulating SmI and electroacupuncture produced by intraperitoneal injecting atropine in the adjuvant-induced acute arthritic rat
Effect of acupuncture and moxibustion on the high density lipoprotein cholesterol in simple obesity
Studies on the low skin impedance points and the feature of its distribution along the channels by microcomputer. I. Observation on the reliability of the measurement
Objective display on phenomena of propagated sensation along channels (PSC)--changes on the infrared thermal image channels pathway of upper extremity
Objective observation on phenomena of sensation along channels (PSC) and QI reaching to affects area (QIRA)--the influence of acupuncture points on infrared thermal image of face
Explore of treating AIDS by acupuncture
Relevance of pericruciate cortex to second somatosensory area emanating descending modulation on nucleus centrum medianum in cats.
The effect of acupuncture on the excitability of primary C-afferent terminals.
Effect of changing the functional state of frontal cortex by GABA on the acupuncture effect of PAG neurons
Autoradiographic visualization on the role of central 3H-5-hydroxytryptamine in acupuncture analgesia
Effects of acupuncture on activity of nociresponsive trigeminal nucleus caudalis (TNC) and a comparison with the effects of nanoinjecting Met-enkephalin (ENK) into the midbrain periaqueductal gray (PAG) or bulbar nucleus reticularis paragigantocellularis (PGC).
The effect of neonatal capsaicin on acupuncture analgesia--to evaluate the role of C fibers in acupuncture analgesia.
Influence of EA on the electrical conductance in the marginal area of the acute ischemic myocardium in the rabbit.
Relationship between PO-AH and PHA in the effects of EA at neiguan in the rabbit.
Enkephelinase inhibitors acetorphan and SCH34826 potentiate the analgesic effect of low frequency electroacupuncture in rats
Research on the acupuncture principles and meridian phenomena by means of infrared thermography.
Influence on electrical activity of beta rhythm of beam by retaining the needles and exciting PSC.
Study on the morphological basis of physiological and biophysical characteristics of acupuncture meridian.
Clinical application of rhinomanometer.
Alternative therapy for rheumatic diseases.
Effect of calendula on trophic ulcers.
Shift from a mixed diet to a lactovegetarian diet: influence on some cancer-associated intestinal bacterial enzyme activities.
Diseases and remedies in Romanian proverbs
Vegan supplemented diet in nephrotic syndrome.
The situation of acupuncture in Germanic countries
Some introductory remarks on acupuncture in dentistry.
Treatment of ascaridiasis with garlic (Allium sativum)
Dentist's understanding on dental anesthesiology--on the basis of a questionnaire on post-graduation study
Acupuncture treatment in epicondylalgia: a comparative study of two acupuncture techniques.
In response to article by Drs. Haker and Lundeberg.
A chiropractic approach to the treatment of dysmenorrhea.
Attitude of medical students to alternative healing methods
Therapies for back pain.
Social factors and their effect on the epidemiology of tuberculosis in the Far North areas
The combined treatment using manual therapy and balneotherapy of patients with neurological manifestations of lumbar osteochondrosis
Electro-acupuncture and postoperative emesis.
Stress X-rays and the low back pain patient.
Interexaminer reliability of the electromagnetic radiation receiver for determining lumbar spinal joint dysfunction in subjects with low back pain.
A chiropractic perspective on atlantoaxial instability in Down's syndrome.
The use of imaging procedures in the diagnosis of metastatic disease of the lumbar spine.
Interrater reliability of roentgenological evaluation of the lumbar spine in lateral bending.
Treatment of facial skin diseases with acupuncture--a report of 129 cases.
Parturition pain treated by intracutaneous injections of sterile water.
Inhibition of protease activities of periodontopathic bacteria by extracts of plants used in Kenya as chewing sticks (mswaki).
Low back pain: comparison of chiropractic and hospital outpatient treatment.
Changes of releases of beta-endorphin-like immunoreactive substances and noradrenaline in rabbit's preoptic area during acupuncture analgesia
Analysis of morbidity among adolescents in rural areas
Risk factors for infection among the patrons of an HIV Control Program, Antioquia, Colombia
Low back pain of mechanical origin: randomised comparison of chiropractic and hospital outpatient treatment.
Low back pain: comparison of chiropractic and hospital outpatient treatment.
Low back pain: comparison of chiropractic and hospital outpatient treatment.
Experience with the use of acupuncture by mobile health units
Reduced serum vitamin B12 levels during oral cyproterone-acetate and ethinyl-oestradiol therapy in women with diffuse androgen-dependent alopecia.
Chiropractic adjustive manipulation on subjects with acute low back pain: visual analog pain scores and plasma beta-endorphin levels.
Backache problems in the year 1990
The complications of manual therapy in vertebrogenic pain syndromes
A comparison of low back pain profiles of chiropractic teaching clinic patients with patients attending private clinicians.
Experimental measurement of the force exerted during spinal manipulation using the Thompson technique.
Interexaminer reliability of eight evaluative dimensions of lumbar segmental abnormality.
Unrecognized pneumothorax after acupuncture in a female patient with anorexia nervosa
Influence of abnormal weight and imbalanced diet on female fertility
Acupuncture and chronic pain: a criteria-based meta-analysis.
Diabetes education in the USSR: how to begin?
A meta-analysis of studies into the effect of acupuncture on addiction.
Effects of longevity-antihypertensive-mixture on essential hypertension and left ventricular hypertrophy
The effect of acupuncture on the changes of ANP and AII in plasma of rabbits with hemorrhagic shock
Incidence of homeopathic treatment with cuprum 4 CH on the intestinal transit of mouse: preliminary study
The urodynamics of the lower urinary tract and central nervous system function during the reflexotherapy of patients with nocturnal enuresis
The polycystic ovary syndrome and increased body mass
Tetanus after induced abortion--a case report.
Dietary and hormonal evaluation of men at different risks for prostate cancer: fiber intake, excretion, and composition, with in vitro evidence for an association between steroid hormones and specific fiber components.
Sense and nonsense of diets
Rheumajecta and Vasolastine treatment of primary fibromyalgia; results of a randomized placebo-controlled double-blind study
The relationship among adiposity, diet, and hormone concentrations in vegetarian and nonvegetarian postmenopausal women.
Influence of finger pressing massage on cAMP and cGMP in the cerebrospinal fluid in prolapsed intervertebral disc
Experimental study of 472 herbs with antiviral action against the herpes simplex virus
Effect of dietary fiber on the vitamin B6 status among vegetarian and nonvegetarian elderly (Dutch nutrition surveillance system).
Herbal medicine as a cause of combined lead and arsenic poisoning.
Dietary intervention in the clinical prevention of ischemic heart disease.
Analysis of the effectiveness of reflexotherapy in patients with osteochondrosis of the cervical spine
Neurophysiologic changes during the treatment of endogenous depression by reflexotherapy
Subcutaneous injection of 99mTc pertechnetate at acupuncture points K-3 and B-60.
Stimulation methods of reflexotherapy in the treatment of vertebrogenic lumbosacral pain syndromes (a review)
The diagnosis and treatment of patients with the vascular syndromes of cervical osteochondrosis
How do societies and "corporate" groups delimit themselves? A puzzle common to social and medical anthropology.
Aconite in homeopathic relief of post-operative pain and agitation in children
Scavenging effects on active oxygen radicals by schizandrins with different structures and configurations.
Epidemiologic studies of diet and cancer.
Asian osteomalacia is determined by dietary factors when exposure to ultraviolet radiation is restricted: a risk factor model.
The patterns of stress response in patients undergoing thyroid surgery under acupuncture anaesthesia in China.
Organization of the rehabilitation treatment of children with organic lesions of the nervous system
Characteristics of the electric activity of the projection areas of the large hemispheres in children with enuresis
Functional state of kinesthetic and acoustic analyzers in children with enuresis after complex reflexotherapy
Reversible inhibitions of gastric H+,K(+)-ATPase by scopadulcic acid B and diacetyl scopadol. New biochemical tools of H+,K(+)-ATPase.
Radionuclide study of acupuncture points
Effect of acupuncture and moxibustion on hypothalamus-pituitary-adrenal axis suffering from simple obesity
Changes in cyclic nucleotides and its enzymes in the spleen and plasma of similar spleen deficiency rats induced by rhubarb and the readjusting function of yiqi jianpi decoction
Effect of intracerebroventricular injection of thyrotropin releasing hormone on electro-acupuncture analgesia and the content of cerebral cAMP in rats
Approach to the characteristics of the movement of qixue in meridians by means of radionuclide imaging.
Community-based epidemiological study on hypertension and diabetes--community-based preventive medicine by Yang-Ming Crusade in 1989
Homeopathy: science or healing doctrine. A current trend to become involved with homeopathy
Nursing approaches to nonpharmacological pain control.
South American Strychnos species. Ethnobotany (except curare) and alkaloid screening.
History of medicine. The Druids and Gallic medicine
A rational management of tennis elbow.
Helixor--mistletoe preparation for cancer therapy. Documentation No. 19
The indigenization of pharmaceuticals: therapeutic transitions in rural Hausaland.
Postoperative nausea is relieved by acupressure.
Wallenberg's syndrome following neck manipulation.
Physiatric therapeutics. 5. Pain.
The harmful potential of herbal and other plant products.
The chiropractic management and rehabilitation of cervical trauma.
Active muscular relaxation techniques. Part II: Clinical application.
Rheumatic diseases and alternative medicine
Plants used in traditional medicine in eastern Tanzania. III. Angiosperms (Euphorbiaceae to Menispermaceae).
Effects of shosaikoto, an oriental herbal medicinal mixture, on restraint-stressed mice.
The sensitivity and specificity of seven lumbo-pelvic orthopedic tests and the arm-fossa test.
New macrofilaricidal leads from plants?
Placebo action and alternative medicine
Using acupressure bands for postoperative nausea.
Combretodendron Africanum bark extract as an antifertility agent. I: Estrogenic effects in vivo and LH release by cultured gonadotrope cells.
Cell membrane activities and regeneration mechanisms as therapy mediators in moxibustion and acupuncture treatments: theoretical considerations.
Medical aspects of Arctic exploration 9. Down the Coppermine River to the Arctic Sea: Samuel Hearne (1769-1772). Part II.
Clinico-experimental basis of phytotherapy of acute dysentery
Effect of various physical factors on clinical and laboratory indicators and on nonspecific resistance of the body in reactive arthritis
Acute dichromate poisoning after use of traditional purgatives. A report of 7 cases.
Health of Alaska Natives around the time of European contact.
From Shamans to curators: bearers of tradition.
"A glass a day keeps the doctor...".
Risks of infection to dermatologists, cosmetic workers, and the public.
Neurobehavioral treatment for cocaine dependency.
A study of various smoking cessation programs based on close to 1000 volunteers recruited from the general population: 1-month results
Review of randomized trials of homoeopathy.
Addressing the issue of cataloging and making chiropractic literature accessible: Part I: Defining the problem.
Occupational repetitive motion injury: clinical overview and chiropractic implication.
A device based on the use of single-crystal microcomputers for auricular diagnosis and therapy
The antitumor effect of Baikal skullcap
Holistic medicine and mental health practice: toward a new synthesis.
Health and vegetarian life-style.
General principles of neural therapy. Review
Reflexotherapy in orthopedics, traumatology and prosthetics (review of the literature)
New knowledge of diet therapy of type 2 (non-insulin-dependent) diabetes
Therapy and mechanisms of nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, and pain management, acupuncture, and rehabilitation.
Report from the Consensus Conference on the Validation of Chiropractic Methods.
Addressing the issue of cataloging and making accessible chiropractic literature: Part II. Pilot software development program.
Nontraditional methods in the combined treatment of diabetes mellitus
Accelerated synthesis and release of angiotensin II in the rat brain during electroacupuncture tolerance.
Basic research on auricular acupuncture
Searching for clues to the origins of OMT.
The role of non-traditional methods of analgesia in the postoperative period
Recent traditional Chinese medicine treatment of chronic bronchitis
Effects of auricular acupuncture-like transcutaneous electric nerve stimulation on pain levels following wound care in patients with burns: a pilot study.
Endorphins and exercise: physiological mechanisms and clinical implications.
Biological characteristics of Psoralea corylifolia L.
Is homoeopathy a placebo?
Possibilities of using acupuncture in pediatrics
Change in serum growth hormone in aged men and effect of kidney-warming and yang-restoring drugs
Chronic active hepatitis with superinfection of delta virus and hepatitis B virus: treatment with Chinese traditional medicine
Effect of tea prepared from leaves of Syzygium jambos on glucose tolerance in nondiabetic subjects.
Menu options.
Adequacy of a vegetarian diet at old age (Dutch Nutrition Surveillance System).
The physics of spinal manipulation. Part IV. A theoretical consideration of the physician impact force and energy requirements needed to produce synovial joint cavitation.
Mechanically induced pelvic pain and organic dysfunction in a patient without low back pain.
Is there a chiropractic science?
Effect of unilateral spinal adjustments on goniometrically-assessed cervical lateral-flexion end-range asymmetries in otherwise asymptomatic subjects.
Manual therapy considerations at the thoracolumbar junction: an anatomical and functional perspective.
The "homeopathic" wrist. A nonhomeopathic consequence of homeopathic practice.
The homeopathic conundrum.
Lead poisoning from the use of Indian folk medicines.
Mucilaginous plants and their uses in medicine.
Plants used in traditional medicine in eastern Tanzania. IV. Angiosperms (Mimosaceae to Papilionaceae).
Plants in the traditional medicine of the Ubaye Valley.
Belief in the efficacy of alternative medicine among general practitioners in The Netherlands.
Traditional and folk medicine among the Ossetes
Traditional medicine of Vietnam: history and current trends
Alternative medicine and chronic skin disease. Use of alternative treatments among patients with atopic eczema and psoriasis
Observations on abortion in Zambia.
Specialization and referral among the n'anga (traditional healers) of Zimbabwe.
Rattlesnake capsule-induced Salmonella arizonae bacteremia.
We think we are one, we act as if we are one, but we are not one.
Comparative analysis of the data of acupuncture electrodiagnosis and hormonal status of women with oligomenorrhea
Pattern of medical care services utilization in Fiji.
Haematological studies on pre-menopausal Indian and Caucasian vegetarians compared with Caucasian omnivores.
Angiotensin mechanism of auriculo-acupuncture dental analgesia
Report on UK cancer survival rates raises questions about alternative medicine.
The hypothesis of acupuncture points as polymodal receptors of the ecoceptive sensitivity system
Root lesions.
Effects of a high-protein meal (meat) and a high-carbohydrate meal (vegetarian) on satiety measured by automated computerized monitoring of subsequent food intake, motivation to eat and food preferences.
Nonmedical illness behavior: a model of patients who seek alternatives to allopathic medicine.
Counteracting nutritional misinformation: a curricular proposal.
Inadvertent clavicular fractures caused by "chiropractic" manipulations in an infant: an unusual form of pseudoabuse.
Dental abrasion pattern in a selected group of Malaysians.
The treatment of tension headache by acupuncture: a controlled single case design with time series analysis.
Cranial electrostimulation (CES) use in the detoxification of opiate-dependent patients.
Laser acupuncture in the complex treatment of stenocardia
Chiropractors for and against vaccines.
Navajo childbirth in transition.
Access to traditional medicine in a western Canadian city.
Abuses in alternative medicine
Male partners in infertile couples. Personal attitudes and contact with the Norwegian health service.
The efficacy of the laser therapy of peptic ulcer patients
Complementary diagnostic and therapeutic methods
Diet and female sex hormone concentrations: an intervention study for the type of fat consumed.
Vitamin B-12: low milk concentrations are related to low serum concentrations in vegetarian women and to methylmalonic aciduria in their infants.
Electro-acupuncture and postoperative emesis.
Seroprevalence of Helicobacter pylori in Seventh-Day Adventists and other groups in Maryland. Lack of association with diet.
The role of frontal neurons in pain and acupuncture analgesia.
Who was the first Hungarian translator of Hahnemann's "Organon"?
Between scanners and "seancers"
The medicine of the people; the survival of classical medical ideas into modern popular usage.
Cervical spondylotic radiculopathy precipitated by decompression sickness.
Oculomotor disturbances in patients with tension headache treated with acupuncture or physiotherapy.
Muscle tenderness in tension headache treated with acupuncture or physiotherapy.
Zezuru turn of the screw. On children's exposure to evil.
Possessed and dispossessed youth: spirit possession of school children in northwest Madagascar.
Alternative medicine and general practitioners in The Netherlands: towards acceptance and integration.
Influence of a Maharishi Ayur-vedic herbal preparation on age-related visual discrimination.
Relief of intractable post-herpetic neuralgia with gasserian ganglion block using methyl prednisolone acetate and with TENS
Acupuncture and diffuse noxious inhibitory controls: naloxone-reversible depression of activities of trigeminal convergent neurons.
Neck manipulation and stroke.
Hypothetical aspects of the preventive effectiveness of controlled reflex and stimulation therapy (exemplified by acupuncture and PuTENS) in migraine
Infantile colic treated by chiropractors: a prospective study of 316 cases.
Relationship between dental caries and vegetarian and non-vegetarian diets.
LongoVital in the prevention of recurrent aphthous ulceration.
Nursing abroad. An African adventure.
The effect of laser puncture on the functional indices of the mammalian body
A comparative study of the effectiveness of the analgesic effect of electropuncture stimulation and nonnarcotic analgesics in therapy patients in an emergency dental care office
"Alternative" nurse. Acupuncture in the hospital
Maternal beliefs regarding diet during common childhood illnesses.
Chiropractic caveats.
Treatment of chronic retinal artery obstruction with stellate ganglion block and electric acupuncture
Ethnopharmacology of rhinoceros horn. I: Antipyretic effects of rhinoceros horn and other animal horns.
Midwifery in China.
Healers and strangers. Immigrant attitudes toward the physician in America--a relationship in historical perspective.
Application of pyrolysis-high-resolution gas chromatography-pattern recognition to the identification of the Chinese traditional medicine mai dong.
Non-pharmacological treatment of hypertension.
Records of usage or assays in Phyllanthus (Euphorbiaceae). I. Subgenera Isocladus, Kirganelia, Cicca and Emblica.
Margosa oil poisoning as a cause of toxic encephalopathy.
The use of anthropologic methods for studying the causes of lack of vaccination. The case of Nativitas, Xochimilco
Research in homeopathy: data, problems and prospects
Health status in patients with tension headache treated with acupuncture or physiotherapy.
Home-based therapy for diarrhea.
Potentiating effect of L-tetrahydropalmatine on the suppression of cortical tooth-pulp evoked potentials by electroacupuncture in rabbits
Acupuncture analgesia. Neurochemical and neurophysiologic aspects
The immigrant Haitian mother: transcultural nursing perspective on preventive health care for children.
A model of cooperation between complementary and allopathic medicine in a primary care setting.
Biomechanics of head injury.
The brain: a dynamic system tending toward homeostasis.
Neuropsychological systems deficits and the isomorphism of control.
Lateralized effects of migraine and ANS seizures after closed head injury.
Cultural safety.
Status of health in India and its future prospects.
Content of histoamine in processed Phytolacca americana L.
Epidemiology of vesico--vaginal fistulae in northern Nigeria.
503 cases of pallas pit viper bite with traditional Chinese medicine and Western medicine treatment
Effect of Chinese medicinal herbs on sperm membrane of infertile male
Regulatory effects of acupuncture and moxibustion on simple obese complicated with hypertension
Evaluation of therapeutic effects of acupuncture in treating ischemic cerebrovascular disease
Holistic medicine.
Concerning G. A. Alekseev's articles "Physicians and traditional healers of Volga Bulgaria in the 9th-13th centuries" and "Medical science in middle lands along the Volga in the period of feudalism"
Effects of single moxibustion on cutaneous blood vessel and microvascular permeability in mice.
An open study comparing manual therapy with the use of cold packs in the treatment of post-traumatic headache.
Long-term effects of a vegetarian diet on the nutritional status of elderly people (Dutch Nutrition Surveillance System).
A retrospective consecutive case analysis of pretreatment and comparative static radiological parameters following chiropractic adjustments.
A treatment for carpal tunnel syndrome: evaluation of objective and subjective measures.
Chiropractic education: a student survey.
Occipitalization of the atlas.
Effectiveness of chiropractic management for patellofemoral pain syndrome's symptomatic control phase: a single subject experiment.
Interexaminer reliability of the innatometer.
The chiropractic management and rehabilitation of cervical trauma.
Commentary: the chiropractic paradigm.
Occupational repetitive motion injury: clinical overview and chiropractic implication.
Effect of low-frequency electric stimulation on in vivo release of cholecystokinin-like immunoreactivity in medial thalamus of conscious rat.
Early complex rehabilitation of patients with intra-articular fractures of finger phalanges
Cadmium contamination of the countryside, a case study on health effects.
The efficacy of diadynamic puncture in spondylogenic neurological syndromes
Errors in performing manual therapy and their prevention
The prospects for the development of manual therapy in the USSR
Potentiation of electroacupuncture analgesia by l-tetrahydropalmatine and its analogues in rabbits
Needles about! The art of acupuncture.
Continuity and change: the interpretation of illness in an Anishinaabe (Ojibway) community.
Effect of prolonged magnetic acupuncture on computer operators during shift work
Personal experience on acupuncture treatment of diarrhea.
Simple analgesia for abdominal pain and toothache by digital pressure.
Insomnia treated by auricular pressing therapy.
Personal experience on acupuncture treatment of peripheral facial paralysis.
Acupuncture treatment of syncope based on differentiation of signs and symptoms.
Treating neurotic headache by point-injection with Novocain.
Treatment of adverse reactions following facial cosmetic surgical abrasion with auricular pellet pressure.
Treatment of alopecia areata with acupuncture.
Acupuncture treatment of cervico-omalgia in 62 cases.
Acupuncture treatment for sprains of the ankle joint in 354 cases.
Treatment of periarthritis of the shoulder with acupuncture at the zhongping (foot) extrapoint in 345 cases.
Facial cosmetic massage.
Famous doctor's experience on treatment of epigastralgia.
Personal experience on acupuncture treatment of diarrhea.
Treatment of hiccough with auriculo-acupuncture and auriculo-pressure--a report of 85 cases.
Treatment of allergic rhinitis by medicinal injection at fengmen acupoint.
The application of bloodletting in acupuncture therapy.
Effect of radix Salviae miltiorrhizae extract injection on survival of allogeneic heart transplantation.
Is it possible for AIDS to be transmitted by acupuncture treatment?
P6 acupoint injection reduced postoperative nausea and vomiting
Changes in maternal behavior and care practices in migrant women from Western Africa
Botany and phytotherapy in Brazil
Types of antenatal care and other related factors associated with low birth weight in southern Thailand.
The impact of training traditional birth attendants in improving MCH care in rural Bangladesh.
Effects of auricular electrostimulation and naloxone on nociceptive sensitivity in rabbits
Acupuncture needles, straying in the central nervous system and presenting neurological signs and symptoms
Aetiology of acute lead encephalopathy in Omani infants.
Laser puncture in the combined treatment of a weak degree of myopia in schoolchildren
Wart charming practices among patients attending wart clinics.
The prevalence of age related cataract in the Asian community in Leicester: a community based study.
Simultaneous determination of three components in compound clorprenaline tablet by using the derivative-complementary tristimulus method
Classification of Chinese traditional medicine, moutan (Paeonia suffruticosa Andr.) cortex by means of pyrolysis-high resolution gas chromatography/pattern recognition
Adverse drug reactions. An overview of special considerations in the management of the elderly patient.
Protein intake and the kidney.
Virola: a promising genus for ethnopharmacological investigation.
A clinical study of auriculotherapy in canine thoracolumbar disc disease.
Big and Little Moon Peyotism as health care delivery systems.
Religion and traditional medicine: an anthropological case study of a Nigerian treatment of mental illness.
The use of hawthorn preparations in medicine
The work experience of a pediatric office of acupuncture in a polyclinic
Non-pharmacologic techniques for treatment of postoperative pain
Use of acupuncture in the treatment of hand ischemia caused by vibration
Getting started in acupuncture.
The 'new cross-cultural psychiatry'.
Clinical and electroencephalographic characteristics of epilepsy in rural Ethiopia: a community-based study.
The metabolism of anthranoid laxatives.
An ethnomedical perspective of medical ethics.
In vitro study of the adsorption of chloroquine by an antidiarrheal remedy traditionally used in Africa
Study on folk caring in Korea for cultural nursing
The treatment of nocturnal enuresis by acupuncture.
Determinants of mothers' treatment of diarrhea in rural Ethiopia.
Essential oil of alfavaca, Ocimum gratissimum, from Brazilian Amazon.
Tongue temperature of healthy persons and patients with yin deficiency by using thermal video
Rhubarb application for global health--a review on the articles of the first international symposium on rhubarb
Antioxidant action of guilingji in the brain of rats with FeCl3-induced epilepsy.
Chemical studies on Mexican plants used in traditional medicine, XV. Sesquiterpene evoninoate alkaloids from Hippocratea excelsa.
Role of afferent C fibers in electroacupuncture of "zusanli" point in activating nucleus raphe magnus
Effect of helium-neon laser auriculotherapy on experimental pain threshold.
Health complaints, remedies and medical assistance in a peri-urban area.
Use of alternative medicine by patients attending a gastroenterology clinic.
Educating native MDs: "always go back and serve your people in some larger way".
Controversies in temporomandibular joint disorder.
Women's health care in China: American travelers' views.
Complementary therapies. Reflex zone therapy for mothers.
Perichondritis of the ear caused by acupuncture
Witch doctors and mental illness in mainland China: a preliminary study.
'Well hidden sugar'.
Supplementation practices of a group of patients with cancer.
Three propositions for a critically applied medical anthropology.
Traditional child health practices in communities in north-west Ethiopia.
Salmonella arizona infections in Latinos associated with rattlesnake folk medicine.
Maternal mortality in developing countries.
Iodine-131 uptake in a patient with thyroid cancer and rheumatoid arthritis during acupuncture treatment.
Foreign body in the median nerve: a complication of acupuncture.
A comparison of patients and patient complaints at six chiropractic teaching clinics.
Protection of practice rights.
Effects of chiropractic treatment on blood pressure and anxiety: a randomized and controlled trial.
Effects of a chiropractic adjustment on changes in pupillary diameter: a model for evaluating somatovisceral response.
'Snapping hip' and sacroiliac sprain: example of a cause-effect relationship.
The role of experience in clinical accuracy.
Manual therapy considerations at the thoracolumbar junction: an anatomical and functional perspective.
Studies on antinephritic effect of TJ-8014, a new Japanese herbal medicine (3): Effects on crescentic-type anti-GBM nephritis in rats.
What role does the metabolic effect have after changing to a lacto-vegetarian diet?
Community health workers in Bolivia: adapting to traditional roles in the Andean community.
Spiritual and natural etiologies on a Polynesian outlier in Papua New Guinea.
Manipulation treatment by physicians, physiotherapists and chiropractors
Alternative medicine.
Alternative medicine.
Isolation of salmonellae from dried rattlesnake preparations.
Homeopathy must be made a university subject
Vysorel/Isorel--cancer drug from Viscum album. Documentation No.20
Complementary medicine.
Atopic eczema, hyponatraemia, and hypoalbuminaemia.
Contemporary aspects of psychiatry in Communist China
Conservative and functional treatment of the cervical spine
Combined anesthetic and surgical treatment of reflex sympathetic dystrophy following a healed crush injury of the foot.
Influence of social perceptions of leprosy and leprosy patients on public health programs.
Selenium content of foods consumed in Otago, New Zealand.
Vegetarianism and health.
Lipid profiles of Yanomamo Indians of Brazil.
The extended self-care concept. Use of practitioners of alternative medicine and layman control of health services regarded as self-care
Auricular perichondritis caused by acupuncture therapy
Epidemiologic aspects of viral hepatitis at a Parisian university hospital. Apropos of 130 cases
Adjuvant alternative therapy procedures in idiopathic tinnitus aurium (and in sudden deafness)
Nonvalidated food allergy tests.
Management of digestive disturbance by Chinese traditional medicine
The traditional medicine of Vietnam: its history and use in clinical practice
Treatment of earache among the Lappish people.
Publishing research.
A critical look at the subluxation hypothesis.
Chiropractic in the yellow pages: a content analysis study.
Beyond the theosophy of chiropractic.
Traditional treatment procedures in neurologic-psychiatric diseases in Ethiopia
Dissections of the vertebral artery following cervical chiropractic manipulations
Paraguayan medicinal compositae.
Ethnobotanical inventory of medicinal plants used by the Guaymi Indians in western Panama. Part II.
Lesser-known herbal remedies as sold in the market at Murcia and Cartagena Spain.
The potentials for using pressor reflexotherapy in fatigue
Medical Practitioners Disciplinary Committee: professional misconduct findings against Dr D W Steeper.
Comment on the original contribution: Velimirovic, B.: Alternative healing methods in Austria (Wien Klin Wochenschr 101, 774-780 (1989)
The immunocorrective effect of laser reflexotherapy in experimental influenza infection
Self-medication and alternative prescribing.
Complementary therapies for common conditions.
Cerebro-autonomic correlations in patients with early stages of hypertension during reflexotherapy
Effectiveness of using semiconductor laser in the complex treatment of patients with obstructive forms of chronic nonspecific lung diseases
Studies on Ruta chalepensis, an ancient medicinal herb still used in traditional medicine.
In vitro antibacterial activities of three plants used in traditional medicine in Sierra Leone.
Effects of shosaikoto, an oriental herbal medicinal mixture, on age-induced amnesia in rats.
Primary health care in a multi-level perspective: towards a research agenda.
Initiative--a neglected psychosocial dimension.
The clinical efficacy of auricular electroacupuncture in treating hypertension patients
The use of point massage in combined therapy and rehabilitation in angina and acute respiratory diseases
A new toxic neoanisatin derivative from the pericarps of Illicium majus.
Posteroanterior versus anteroposterior lumbar spine radiology.
A survey of recently graduated chiropractors in Australia.
Assessing the worth of intern performance.
Concordance between galvanic skin response and spinal palpation findings in pain-free males.
Science in chiropractic: too much or too little?
Acupuncture meridians and radiotracers.
Alternative medicine: faith or science?
The use of low-energy laser radiation in the combined treatment of patients with acute pneumonia
Acupressure and motion sickness.
The Hall of Dragon Metamorphoses: a unique, indigenous asylum for chronic mental patients in Taiwan.
A plea for a broader ethnomedicine.
The angry liver, the anxious heart and the melancholy spleen. The phenomenology of perceptions in Chinese culture.
Pharmacists' perceptions of alternative health approaches--a comparison between U.S. and British pharmacists.
Immunologic indices of the blood and interstitial fluid in the evaluation of the treatment of secondary edemas of the upper extremities
The use of alternative therapies by Auckland general practitioners.
Iscucin--mistletoe preparations for the pre- and postoperative treatment of malignancies. Documentation No. 21
Prevalence and treatment of mental disorders and epilepsy in Zanzibar.
Catfish Man of the Woods: alternative medicine, Appalachian style.
Hypercarotenemia, amenorrhea and a vegetarian diet
Evaluation of turmeric (Curcuma longa) for gastric and duodenal antiulcer activity in rats.
Antagonistic effect of Eryngium creticum extract on scorpion venom in vitro.
Contemporary use of bark for medicine by two Salishan native elders of southeast Vancouver Island, Canada.
Gastroprotective effects of an aqueous extract of Entandrophragma utile bark in experimental ethanol-induced peptic ulceration in mice and rats.
Reconstructive treatment of patients after radical surgery of gastric cancer
The mental health systems of Papua New Guinea and their modernization.
The 'new cross-cultural psychiatry'. A case of the baby and the bathwater.
Mexican medicinal plants and Grüninger's diet. Documentation No.25
Achillodynia--an unsolvable problem?
Belfast experience with P6 acupuncture antiemesis.
Conflict in peer review.
A review of the research papers published by the international College of Applied Kinesiology from 1981 to 1987.
Nutritional intervention in chiropractic clinical practice: the chiropractic student's perspective.
The physics of spinal manipulation. Part I. The myth of F = ma.
Bronchogenic carcinoma presenting as neuromusculoskeletal pain.
Chiropractic: perspectives and concerns.
Interexaminer reliability of the innatometer.
The influence of political medicine on chiropractic dogma: applications for scientific development.
The chiropractic management and rehabilitation of cervical trauma.
Effect of unilateral spinal adjustments on goniometrically assessed cervical lateral-flexion end-range asymmetries in otherwise asymptomatic subjects.
Alkaloids from Papaver rhopalothece used as folk medicine in Anatolia.
Concentric electrodes for producing acupuncture-like anesthetic effects.
Pain control in a patient with myeloma in Zimbabwe.
Whakama: culturally determined behaviour in the New Zealand Maori.
CD-4 burns associated with acute poisoning
A pilot study of metoclopramide, dexamethasone, diphenhydramine and acupuncture in women treated with cisplatin.
Midwives' Journal. Traditional midwifery skills.
Electroacupuncture in combination with surgical intervention in the treatment of patients with polypous rhinosinusitis
Influence of diet on cystathionine ketimine and lanthionine ketimine content in human urine.
Personal experience on acupuncture treatment of asthma.
Weight reduction by auriculo-acupuncture--a report of 110 cases.
Enterospasm treated by pressure on jimai acupoint.
Analgesic effect of acupuncture on acute intestinal colic in 190 cases.
Present situation of Chinese acupuncture and moxibustion education and its prospective strategy.
Clinical use of topographic multiple needling.
Treatment of 32 cases of dysmenorrhea by puncturing hegu and sanyinjiao acupoints.
Effects of the heat-tonification method on the surface temperature of the body observed by infra-red thermography.
Effects of needling at renzhong acupoint on histochemistry, histology, and ultrastructure of the liver in rabbits with hemorrhagic shock.
The basic knowledge indispensable for a qualified acupuncture doctor.
Treatment of acute cerebro-vascular diseases and sequelae with acupuncture.
Problems of teaching and diffusion of Chinese acupuncture in Europe.
Salmonella arizonae in patients with AIDS along the U.S.-Mexican border.
Traditional medicine--alternative methods. Traditional medicine and alternative medicine--common or separate ways?
Sorcery and penicillin: treating illness on a Papua New Guinea island.
Patient origins and usage of a unani clinic in Aligarh Town, India.
Health beliefs related to diarrhea in Haitian children: building transcultural nursing knowledge.
A standard international acupuncture nomenclature: memorandum from a WHO meeting.
Attitudes of modern and traditional medical practitioners toward cooperation.
Investigation on role of nucleus parabrachialis medialis in "renzhong" induced respiratory response in rabbits
Coriaria lactone-induced epileptiform activity in the hippocampal slices of rat
Mechanisms of post-isometric relaxation of skeletal muscles as a method of rehabilitation
Nocturnal cramp: quinine versus folklore.
Manipulation treatment performed by physicians, physiotherapists and chiropractors
Complementary medicine.
Dietary intake and plasma lipid levels: lessons from a study of the diet of health conscious groups.
In vitro studies on the effect of certain natural products against hepatitis B virus.
AMA enjoined from boycotting chiropractors.
Vegetableburger allergy: all was nut as it appeared.
A survey of medicinal plants of minas gerais. Brazil.
New or uncommon uses of several medicinal plants in some areas of central Italy.
The role of central oxytocin in electroacupuncture analgesia
Vertebral artery injuries following chiropractic cervical spine manipulation--case reports.
Normal paraspinal tissue compliance: the reliability of a new clinical and experimental instrument.
The physics of spinal manipulation. Part II. A theoretical consideration of the adjustive force.
Ehlers-Danlos syndrome.
The chiropractic paradigm.
Manual therapy in the treatment of the humeroscapular periarthrosis syndrome
Backing alternatives.
Unfairly condemned?
Vitamin B12 and folate levels in long-term vegans.
Minor sesquiterpenes from Maytenus chubutensis.
Another look at holistic medicine.
Prolongation of the antiemetic action of P6 acupuncture by acupressure in patients having cancer chemotherapy.
Should general anaesthesia be available to patients undergoing chiropractic treatment.
SHSTF: legislation concerning rights to practice alternative medicine
Acupuncture anaesthesia. Observations on its use for removal of thyroid adenomata and influence on recovery and morbidity in a Chinese hospital.
Effects of motherwort (Leonurus sibiricus L) on preneoplastic and neoplastic mammary gland growth in multiparous GR/A mice.
Chiropractic and health benefits.
Vaginal birth. Natural achievement.
Malingering aided by the use of herbal medicine.
Low-energy lasers in the combined therapy of patients with stable stenocardia at a sanatorium
The use of supersonic-frequency currents in the rehabilitation of patients with postneuritis contractures of the mimetic muscles
Immigrant attitudes toward the physician.
Acupuncture and the relief of pain.
The magic book of Gyani Dolma
Analgesic electrical stimulation of the hypothalamic arcuate nucleus: tolerance and its cross-tolerance to 2 Hz or 100 Hz electroacupuncture.
Massage to relieve abdominal distention post gynecologic surgery
Treatment of status epilepticus with acupuncture.
Treatment of allergic rhinitis with helium neon laser on acupoints.
Successful treatment of epicondylitis with chize-through-tender point puncturing method.
Auricular acupoint pellet pressure therapy in the treatment of cholelithiasis.
Effects of acupuncture on pain threshold and plasma corticosterone level at different times of the day.
An analysis of the relative specificity of acupoints in sciatica models.
Immediate antiasthmatic effect of acupuncture in 192 cases of bronchial asthma.
External application of the renal failure recipe on acupoints for the treatment of uremia in 8 cases.
Hazardous herbal remedies are still on the market.
Pressure & massage therapy to relieve fatigue.
Traditional methods in management of diarrhoeal diseases in Uganda.
Time course considerations for the effects of unilateral lower cervical adjustments with respect to the amelioration of cervical lateral-flexion passive end-range asymmetry.
The physics of spinal manipulation. Part III. Some characteristics of adjusting that facilitate joint distraction.
Nutrition education of chiropractic students: a survey of colleges recognized by the Council on Chiropractic Education.
Differential effects of honey, sucrose, and fructose on blood sugar levels.
Lyme disease.
Caves, wizards and the state of the petunia patch.
Dynamics of the indicators of blood circulation in children with bronchial asthma treated by reflexotherapy
The local therapy of systemic scleroderma
Witch doctor's prophecy.
Experimental study of preventing emphysema with elastase inhibiting agents
Treatment of orthostatic dysregulation by the principle of bu-shen yi-qi
Effect of a decoction of six ingredients with rehmannia on the periodontal tissues of animals with kidney diseases
Effect of acupuncture on exercise ability in rabbits
Health in Kathmandu--spring 1989.
Personal experiences with naturopathy. Spices as medicine. 2: Mustard oil drugs
More about circumcision.
Acupuncture and scientific point of view--there are no short cuts to health
Alternative medicine
Methods of stopping smoking
The effectiveness of laser puncture in hypertension patients
Complementary medicine.
Testosterone, sex hormone-binding globulin, calculated free testosterone, and oestradiol in male vegans and omnivores.
Comparative study of cerebral infarction treated with acupuncture at 6 acupoints of yang meridian and calan
Role of "qi" in reaching affected area using acupuncture in "promoting blood circulation to remove blood stasis"
Traversing boundaries: European and North American perspectives on medical and psychiatric anthropology.
Traversing boundaries: European and North American perspectives on medical and psychiatric anthropology. An introduction.
On being ethnic: the politics of identity breaking and making in Canada, or, nevra on Sunday.
Boundaries inside the body: women's sufferings in southern peasant Italy.
Being affected by the other.
Reactions and interactions of drugs
The effect of acupuncture on the regulation of immunity--the discovery of serum lymphocyte transformation inhibitory factor in electroacupunctured rats, determination of biological characteristics and analysis of its mechanism of action
Anthropometric parameters of schoolchildren with different life-styles.
Eye disease induced by traditional eye practices.
The rise and fall of the "antiscorbutics": some notes on the traditional cures for "land scurvy".
Complementary therapies. A holistic approach in the ward.
Integrating traditional medicine with other therapies in the treatment of HIV-infected individuals.
Reliability of manual muscle testing with a computerized dynamometer.
A review of data reports published in the Journal of Manipulative and Physiological Therapeutics from 1986 to 1988.
Muscular hematomas: diagnosis and management.
Quackery, alternative medicine and the forensic expert
The doctor's critic: the unorthodox practitioner.
Auriculotherapy in canine thoracolumbar disc disease.
Utilization of curanderos by Mexican Americans: prevalence and predictors. Findings from HHANES 1982-84.

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