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Bibliography — Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM) — 1975

Chiropractors -- healers or quacks? Part 1: The 80-year war with science.
Health care, ethnic outcasting, and the problem of overcoming the syndrome of encapsulation in a peasant society.
Rural health services--an untapped resource.
The asafetida bag.
The links between health and the political structure in New China.
The influence of cultural heritage on the health status of Puerto Ricans.
Letter to the editor: Chiropractic: a challenge for health education.
Acupuncture ...in your hospital?
Experimental use of aloe vera extract in clinical practice.
Nursing students' opinions about acupuncture and Chinese medicine.
Working with the Ngangkari.
Successful acupuncture treatment of a cervical disc syndrome in a dog.
Making vegetarian diets nutritious.
Between fetishism and aspirin. Medicine men of the 3d world as important assistants in public health
Acupuncture analgesia in surgical obstetrics in Alexandria
No shows: a problem in health care.
Cultural orientation towards illness and its treatment.
Phytotherapy of diseases of the digestive tract
Vegetarian diets.
A canadian's view of acupuncture.
The medico-sanitary system in the Peoples Republic of China
Effects of a long-term vegetarian diet on blood components in adults
Possibilities and limits of electroacupuncture in dentistry
Acupuncture and needle analgesia
Dental anesthesia--application of acupuncture in trigeminal neuralgia
Application of Oriental medicine in dentistry
Chiropractic: not an alternative system of primary health care.
Editorial: Acupuncture: from then to now.
The anatomy of acupuncture.
Acupuncture and neurophysiology.
The practical medical aspects of acupuncture.
Acupuncture: surgical aspects.
"Dental worms" iatroanthropological report from northern Thailand
Acupuncture: its effect on somatosensory cerebral evoked potentials in man.
The original inhabitants of North America and their medicine
Experiences with acupuncture in the treatment of trigeminal neuralgias
Tooth extraction under acupuncture anesthesia in 1,500 cases--an interview with Dr. Kunio Matsudaira
Studies on spinal ascending pathway for effect of acupuncture analgesia in rabbits.
Letter: Chiropractic and manipulative medicine.
Pharamacological studies on Chinese herb medicine. (2) Effect of 50 Chinese medicine on arterial blood pressure
Practical electronic acupuncture therapy.
Acupuncture analgesia & therapy in China. Part 2.
Acupuncture analgesia & therapy in China (Conclusion).
Acupuncture analgesia & therapy in China.
Report from China.
Dentistry in China. Section III--dental care presently available in China.
Prevalence of anodontia among Lucknow City school children.
Fiery teeth
Homeopathic interpretation of elimination disorders: translation at the level of the oral mucosa. Chronic disorders
General reflections on various cases of cures by homeopathy
Chronic homeopathic therapy
Acupuncture analgesia.
Acupuncture and acupuncture anaesthesia.
Pain and its alleviation: summary of a forum.
Letter: Results of acupuncture.
Acupuncture and transdermal electrostimulation in the treatment of deafness.
State laws regulating the practice of acupuncture.
Experience in the treatment of drug addiction by electro-acupuncture.
Acupuncture analgesia and controlled respiration. A new modified method of anesthesia in open heart surgery (author's transl)
The curandero's apprentice: a therapeutic integration of folk and medical healing.
Sir William Osler-acupuncturist.
Marijuana smoking and reduced pressure in human eyes: drug action or epiphenomenon?
Empirical Aztec medicine.
An analysis of 22 years' experience with the medicinal treatment of epilepsy
Adverse reactions, contraindications and complications of acupuncture and moxibustion.
Psychotherapy: historical roots, universal elements, and cultural variations.
Patients and their ills in Vicary's time.
New order in drug legislation
Analgesic effect of delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol.
Women's role in medicine in early colonial times.
Effect of acupuncture of pain threshold and pain tolerance determined by electrical stimulation of the skin: a controlled study.
Dr. Malcolm C. Todd.
Döbelius and other south Swedish history of medicine
Saint Catharina oil for rich and poor
The compleat housewife.
Acupuncture: practical considerations.
The use of hypnosis in anesthesiology.
Diet, intestinal flora, and colon cancer.
Editorial: federal recognition of chiropractic: a double standard.
"Doctor Caesar" and his cure for poisons and rattle-snake bites.
Marijuana influenced changes in GSR activation peaking during paired-associate learning.
On colored-hearing synesthesia: cross-modal translations of sensory dimensions.
Acupuncture for sensorineural hearing loss.
Interactions in man of delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol. II. Cannabinol and cannabidiol.
Surgery in China: part 1.
The future of chiropractic: a psychosocial view.
Editorial: Onward with chiropractic.
Efficacy of acupuncture on osteoarthritic pain. A controlled, double-blind study.
Editorial: Acupuncture and pain.
Acupuncture: art, science, fact, fiction and politics.
Antiemetic effect of delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol in patients receiving cancer chemotherapy.
Hypnosis before Mesmer.
Effects of smoked marijuana in experimentally induced asthma.
Acupuncture and Western medicine.
Inaugural Address. Thoracic surgery comes to Alta California. Part I.
Modern views on acupuncture
Physiological and psychological effects of alpha and EMG feedback training with college drug users: a pilot study.
Acupuncture analgesia in dentistry: an analysis of studies from the People's Republic of China.
A survey of the history of electrical stimulation for pain to 1900.
A new approach to Chinese traditional medicine.
Ginseng: its history, dispersion, and folk tradition.
Acupuncture - has it a demonstrable bronchospasmolytic effect in bronchial asthma (author's transl)
Traces of folk medicine in Hungary in the 18th century
Drugs against toothache
Alcohol and marijuana effects on static visual acuity.
Closing the gate to pain.
Cannabis: effects on hunger and thirst.
Drugs: exploration of the future or return to prehistory
Medicine and magic in the eighteenth century: The Diaries of James Woodforde.
Botanical remedies from Gene Stratton Porter's The Harvester.
Lorenz Heister on acupuncture: an eighteenth century view.
Acupuncture develops in the struggle between the confucian thinking and the legalist thinking.
Letter: Acupuncture.
Letter: Pneumothorax associated with acupuncture.
The influence of exercise on atrial flutter.
Acupuncture and medical practice.
Fold medicine in Southwest.
Letter: The acupuncture mess.
A culturally patterned depression in a mother after loss of a child.
Acupuncture indication, techniques, and preliminary clinical result.
Australian aboriginal medicine before European contact.
"El duende" and other incubi. Suggestive interactions between culture, the devil, and the brain.
Letter: The value of needling.
Editorial: Acupuncture.
Observations on the sick sinus syndrome
A surgeon's diary of his visit to China.
Letter: "All that is asthma does not wheeze".
Megaloblastic anemia in a vegetarian taking oral contraceptives.
Telemetric ECG data (biorhythms) in operations with acupuncture analgesia in the People's Republic of China.
Ryodoraku therapy for migraine headache.
Acupuncture for chronic pain--a small pilot project.
Misdiagnosis complicating acupuncture.
Medicine in China.
Possibilities and limitations of acupuncture
Letter: Acupuncture.
Letter: Chiropractic, manual medicine and abuse of physical treatment
Position paper on food and nutrition misinformation on selected topics.
Letter: Acupuncture.
A trial of oral delta-1-(trans)-tetrahydrocannabinol in reversible airways obstruction.
Increase of pain threshold as a function of conditionsing electrical stimulation. An experimental study with application to electro-acupuncture for pain suppression.
Preliminary observations on the effect of acupuncture on immune responses in sensitized rabbits and guinea pigs.
The treatment of headaches employing acupuncture.
Vitamin B12 nutrition and metabolism in the baboon (Papio cynocephalus).
Psychiatry amongst the Australian Aborigines.
Letter: The value of needling.
Factors affecting the metabolic production of methylguanidine.
Fifteen cases of embrujada: combining medication and suggestion in treatment.
Acupuncture for the treatment of deafness.
Letter: Marihuana dosage control through heart rate.
The rough and the smooth -- some reflections on diet therapy.
The Chinese acute abdomen.
Acupuncture--an attitude and perspective.
Child care in the People's Republic of China: 1973.
Radiographic manifestations of Japanese acupuncture.
Traumatic vertebral artery pseudoaneurysm following chiropractic manipulation.
Medical systems in Malaysia: cultural bases and differential use.
The influence of acupuncture analgesia on the sensation and feeling of pain and the autonomic state of the organism (author's transl)
Methaemoglobinaemia following treatment dispensed by witch doctors. Two cases of potassium permanganate poisoning.
Telemetric ECG data (biorhythms) during operations under acupuncture analgesia in the People's Republic of China (author's transl)
Acupuncture and placebo: Effects on delaying the terminating response to a painful stimulus.
Acupuncture compared with 33 per cent nitrous oxide for dental analgesia: A sensory decision theory evaluation.
Effect of the essential oils of garlic and onion on alimentary hyperlipemia.
Letter: Acupuncture.
Plasma carnosinase deficiency in patients with urea cycle defects.
Acupuncture analgesia for the treatment of trigeminal neuralgias: a series of forty-one cases.
Taking care to thaw out some magic.
Veterinary medicine in China: a blend of art and science.
Science, acupuncture and satanism
Nursing in Africa.
Letter: Chiropractic.
Letter: Acupuncture, pain, and signal detection theory.
Plant fibres and duration of gastro-intestinal passage
A syndrome of depression and mutism in the Oglala Sioux.
The potential of acupuncture for the behavioral sciences.
Chinese herbal medicines.
Effects of high risk and low risk diets for colon carcinogenesis on fecal microflora and steroids in man.
Editorial: Chiropractic as "higher learning".
Letter: Chiropractic.
Editorial: Acupuncture--fact and fiction.
Perspectives of a medical student who spent two months in a rural West African hospital.
Electro-acupuncture suppression of jaw depression reflex elicited by dentalgia in rabbits.
Acupuncture and sensorineural hearing loss: objective and subjective analyses.
Producing meals without meat.
Evaluation of acupuncture in the treatment of chronic pain.
Nutritional knowledge of health food users in Oahu, Hawaii.
Acupuncture analgesia of the skin in relation to the traditional meridian map.
Acupuncture for hearing impairments reviewed.
Letter: Acupuncture.
Anesthesia for cesarean section.
Further considerations and acupuncture
Letter: Auricular acupuncture and smoking
Plastic surgery in rural Ethiopia.
What a physician should know about marihuana.
A Danish medical delegation in the people's republic of China
Letter: Animal homoeopathy.
Health manpower distribution in Pennsylvania.
Surgery and acupuncture analgesia.
Letter: The value of needling.
The nature, prevalence, and level of awarenes of "curanderismo" and some of its implications for community mental health.
Suppression of polysynaptic reflux by electro-acupuncture and a possible underlying presynaptic mechanism in the spinal cord of the cat.
The Chinese acupuncture a medical enigma.
Marijuana-produced impairments in coordination. Experienced and nonexperienced subjects.
Letter: Acupuncture--why into the pinna?
Surgery in China: part 2.
Letter: Acupuncture.
Alternative medicine: transcendental meditation.
Editorial: Chiropractors and the medical schemes.
Effectiveness of the use of rauwolfia derivatives in patients with ischemic heart disease
Meditation and the prevention of alcohol abuse.
Medical care in the People's Republic of China.
Psychotherapy in psychosomatic disorders.
Chiropractor in medical school sees value in interdependence.
Possible mechanisms of acupuncture intervention into organ regulations (author's transl)
Reassessment of chinese traditional medicine.
On vegetarianism.
Toxic epidermal necrolysis.
Antineoplastic activity of cannabinoids.
Visit of Australian medical delegation to China.
Letter: Acupuncture.
Chiropractors -- healers or quacks? Part 1: The 80-year war with science
Letter: Auricular chondritis secondary to acupuncture.
Case studies in nineteenth century scientific rejection: Mesmerism, perkinism, and acupuncture.
Brotgeruch als Todes-Hemmer; zur Geschichte einer volkstmlichen Anschauung.
Plasma lipids and lipoproteins in vegetarians and controls.
Indian remedies.
Local chemotherapy of skin cancer.
Passing through: A folk remedy.
The origin of Chinese folk medicine.
Dose effects of smoked marihuana on human cognitive and motor functions.
Intracardiac operations with extracorporeal circulation under acupuncture anaesthesia.
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Bibliography of the history of Chinese folk medicine.
Not Available
Powwowing among the Pennsylvania Germans.
Not Available
The first medicine of the people of Mayoyao.
Not Available
The Papago psychology service: a community mental health program on an American Indian reservation.
Sigmund Freud and the Greek mythological tradition.
Letter: Medicine in China: another viewpoint.
Treatment of cervical syndrome by acupuncture.
A study of traditional practices and early childhood anaemia northern Nigeria.
Letter: Acupuncture anesthesia for open heart surgery. I.
Letter: Acupuncture anesthesia. II.
Morphine-dependent rats: blockade of precipitated abstinence by tetrahydrocannabinol.
Acupuncture in obstetrics.
Letter: Developments in veterinary acupuncture.
Effects of marihuana (delta9-THC) on behavior patterns and social roles in colonies of CBA mice.
Effect of acupuncture on postoperative upper abdominal pain
Mechanism of acupuncture analgesia--1. Clinical observation
Panel on epidemiology and etiology of laryngeal carcinoma.
Experimental studies on electric acupuncture therapy--(1) electrolytic corrosion of the needle by positive electric current
Experiment studies on electric acupuncture therapy. (2). Pulse amplitude of the electric current
Letter: Physical therapy.
Letter: The Jimson-weed high.
Treatment of chronic pain with acupuncture.
The toxicity of intravenously used marihuana.
Can a vegetarian be well nourished?
Liver disease in nonparenteral drug abusers.
The influence of electric acupuncture on the closing mechanism of the female urethra in cases of stressincontinence (author's transl)
New therapeutic developments in gastroenterology
Acupuncture anesthesia for abdominal surgery.
Letter: Acupuncture for osteoarthritic pain.
Hospital upheld in refusal of chiropractor.
Trial of analgesia by acupuncture
Experimental basis of acupuncture analgesia
Cow's urine poisoning in Nigeria. Experimental observations in mice.
Traditional medical practitioners among the Bambara of Mali and their role in the modern health care delivery system.
Letter: Chiropractic.
Antiepileptic and prophylactic effects of tetrahydrocannabinols in amygdaloid kindled cats.
Acupuncture and hypnosis: effects on induced pain.
Electrical correlates of acupuncture points.
Arsenic poisoning from anti-asthmatic herbal preparations.
Cannabis intoxication: effects of monetary incentive on performance, a controlled investigation of behavioural tolerance in moderate users of cannabis.
A new medical trend in China.
Non-pharmacological approaches to the treatment of drug abuse.
Cardiovascular effects of moxibustion at Jen Chung (Go-26) during halothane anesthesia in dogs.
Effect of acupuncture on allergic rhinitis: clinical and laboratory evaluations.
Acupuncture for migraine prophylaxis: a prospective clinical study with six months' follow-up.
Acupuncture in otolaryngology.
The treatment of exogenous obesity employing auricular acupuncture.
Letters to the editor: Some comments on acupuncture and cancer.
Letter: Kwashiorkor in Chicago.
Altered bile acid metabolism in vegetarians.
Editorial: Psychophysical evaluation of acupunctural analgesia: some issues and considerations.
Evaluation of acupuncture anesthesia: a psychophysical study.
Lunatomalacia therapy. I. Conservative treatment (author's transl)
Role of life-style and dietary habits in risk of cancer among seventh-day adventists.
Serum dopamine-beta-hydroxylase activity in essential hypertension and in chronic renal failure with hypertension.
Use of traditional Indian medicine among urban native Americans.
Microchemical investigation of medicinal plants. XII. The Chinese herbal drug San Ch'i.
Treatment of bronchial asthma in children by acupuncture
Swedish investigation of "natural drugs" suggests release of harmless drugs
Alternative medicine: homeopathy.
Alternative medicine: the science of spiritural healing.
Letter: Electrical acupuncture or electrical stimulation? What's in a name?
Epidemic hysteria in Malaysian schools: an illustrative episode.
Herbal pharmacology and medical therapy in the People's Republic of China.
Letter: Chiropractic.
Audiological evaluation following acupuncture for hearing loss.
Needle therapy in neurology
Initiating contractions of the gravid uterus through electro-acupuncture.
The correspondence between some motor points and acupuncture loci.
Acupuncture analgesia in China.
The effect of acupuncture on essential hypertension.
A summary of research concerning the effects of acupuncture.
Macroscopic substratum of acupuncture points
Health implications of the vegetarian diet.
Effects of acupuncture and conventional anesthesia on hemodynamic changes and blood gas values in cardiac surgery
Technic and indications for acupuncture in psychiatry
Mercury residues in breast muscle of wild ducks, 1970-71.
On miswak, a drug used for tooth cleaning in Arab folk medicine
Chronic marihuana inhalation toxicity in rats.
Current acupuncture
Travel notes: a Liberian medical experience.
Phytotherapy - today
Acupuncture anesthesia in China
What should one think of the vegetarian and vegetable diets?
The traditional basis of neuropsychiatric practice among the Yorubas of Nigeria.
Medical dilemma: a survey of the healing practice of a Coptic priest and an Ethiopian sheik.
Acupuncture applied as a method of analgesia for oral surgery with particular reference to dental operations.
Allopathy, homeopathy and the general practitioner
Principles, indications and clinical picture of the manual therapy
Manual therapy and psychotherapy
Food fiber and disease prevention.
The healing ritual.
Effects of delta9-tetrahydrocannabinol and cannabinol in man.
Accidents of circumcision and excision in the African environment
Acupuncture in a surgical clinic
Family health in tribal aborigines. The use of the vernacular "KAP" test.
Treatment of head lice infestation with benzyl benzoate and pyrethrum.
Some issues in the consideration of non-Western and Western folk practices as epidemiologic data.
Management of dyspepsia using herbs
Hypno-analgesia and acupuncture analgesia: a neurophysiological reality?
Agranulocytosis caused by Chinese herbal medicines. Dangers of medications containing aminopyrine and phenylbutazone.
Broncholytic effect of Atrovent in comparison with a combination preparation in obstructive lung diseases
Letter: Reply to "Acupuncture analgesia--hypnotism and hysteria", by O. Prokop and K. Seidel in Z. ärztl. Fortbild. 68: 1124 (1974
Rural health and the role of occupational therapy.
Herbal amaroids in gastroenterology
Phytotherapy of skin diseases
Phytotherapy of bronchitic syndrome
Ten years of homeotherapy research
Acupuncture and sensorineural hearing loss: a review.
Public and political attitudes as determinants of medical service.
Letter: Iron concentration in folk remedies for anemia.
Chiropractors: Healers or quacks? Part 2: How chiropractors can help--or harm.
268 medicinal plants used for regulating fertility in various South American countries
The clinical response of 328 private patients to acupuncture therapy.
Modification of morphine-withdrawal syndrome in rats following transauricular electrostimulation: an experimental paradigm for auricular electroacupuncture.
Letter: Blockade of morphine abstinence by delta9-tetrahydrocannabinol.
Interactions between cannabidiol and delta9-THC during abstinence in morphine-dependent rats.
Notes on "combined treatment of the aging heart with digitalis-convallaria glycosides". Notes to the contribution of Meixner and Döbler in ZFA, issue 10/1975
Experimental "auricular electroacupuncture" in morphine-dependent rats: behavioral and biochemical observations.
Effects of acupuncture treatment in Bell's palsy
Effect of convallatoxin on the state of water-electrolyte balance in the myocardium, liver and kidney in acute hemodynamic cardiac insufficiency
Combined treatment of the aging heart using digitalis-convalloria glycosides. Increase of tolerance of digitalis glycosides through combined treatment with convallaria glycosides
Attenuation of precipitated abstinence in methadone-dependent rats by delta 9-THC.
Letter: Chiropractic.
The dietary status of "new" vegetarians.
Letter: Treatment of chronic pain by acupuncture.
Hepatitis B in Nuremberg, Germany. Epidemiology of a drug-associated epidemic. Among US Army soldiers.
Interrelationships between the B-vitamins in B12-deficiency neuromyelopathy. A possible malabsorption-malnutrition syndrome.
Health care in the People's Republic of China: the barefoot doctor.
Health services system in Hong Kong: professional stratification in a modernizing society.
Tonsillectomy performed after analgesia with acupuncture
Sedation of active acupuncture loci in the management of low back pain.
Acupuncture in low back pain.
On a neurophysiological interpretation of acupunctural analgesia in tonsillectomy and in extensive operations (author's transl)
Treatment results in problem patients using cytoplasmic therapeutic agents
Pain in the locomotor apparatus--manual therapy in an industrial clinic
Role of the woman in love-sickness and love-potions
Prolonged relief of pain by brief, intense transcutaneous somatic stimulation.
New techniques, new headaches.
Dokumentation: no major differences between nature and chemistry
On certain electrical phenomena for the interpretation of ch'i in Chinese acupuncture.
Plasma lipids and lipoproteins in vegetarians and controls.
Pathophysiology of acupuncture: nervous system transmission.
Shamanism and psychotherapy.
Acupuncture, natural drugs, and zero-risk
Editorial: Nature medicine
Cannabis and aggression in animals.
Fringe medicine.
Letter: Dialogue, monologue and pharmacology. More about "nature medicine"
"Exotic" treatments and Western psychiatry.
Heterodox practitioners and the availability of specialist advice.
Treatment for debilitated horses.
Natural therapeutics. When the doctors fail?
On acupuncture analgesia and the mechanism of pain.
Supraspinal participation in the inhibitory effect of acupuncture on viscero-somatic reflex discharges.
Binding of calcium by dietary fibre: its relationship to unsubstituted uronic acids.
Spontaneous behavior and sleep-wakefulness cycle in isolated and paired REM sleep deprived-marihuana treated rats.
Letter: Final comment on "Acupuncture analgesia--mypnotism and hysteria" and further comments, stimulated by M. Kögel
Demythification of acupunctural anesthesia
Cardiovascular effects of acupuncture at Tsu San Li (St-36) in dogs.
Neurohumors in acupuncture.
Practical problems in the treatment of pain
Observations on the psychopharmacology of the aged.
The management of postoperative pain.
The effect of delta9-tetrahydrocannabinol, cannabidiol and cannabinol on ether anaesthesia in mice.
Manipulation of neurotransmitters by acupuncture (?) (A preliminary communication).
Editorial: Therapeutic possibilities in cannabinoids.
The history and sociology of the scientific study of acupuncture.
The symbolic context of Chinese medicine: a comparative approach to the study of traditional medical and psychiatric forms of care in Chinese culture.
Specific desensitization of respiratory pollen allergies
The analgesic properties of delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol and codeine.
Investigation on the acute toxic effect of pyrethrum on the blood glucose and of glucose administration on the acute pyrethrum toxicity in Meriones hurrianae Jerdon (Rodentia).
Proceedings: Comparative neurophysiological investigation in hypnosis, acupuncture and drug-analgesia.
Plasma 25-hydroxyvitamin-D-levels during pregnancy in Caucasians and in vegetarian and non-vegetarian Asians.
The treatment of intractable pain.
100 years of external treatment of skin diseases: from empirism to pharmacologically-based dermatotherapy
Brief history of nursing in Nicaragua.
Pre-Islamic medicine in Persia.
Historical review of the use of parasympatholytic agents in the treatment of respiratory disorders.
Certain dental practices of the aborigenes of the New World
Toothache gate in Cairo. ("Bab el Mutawali")
The scientific basis and practice of acupuncture and homeopathy. Homeopathy.
Anatomical comparison between acupuncture and nerve block.
Acupuncture anesthesia. An anesthetic method combining traditional Chinese and western medicine.
Physical investigations into the thermotherapeutic action of the Kneipp hay flower sack
Vitamin B12 and vegetarianism in india.
Oriental medicine. 3. Application of herbal medicine
Oriental medicine. 4. Use of medicinal herbs in various disease conditions. (2)
Oriental medicine. 5. Acupuncture and moxibustion developed in China
Pharmacology of marijuana.
Anticonvulsant nature of marihuana smoking.
Changes in number and location of health practitioners in a 20-county rural area of Missouri.
Treatment of acute perforation of peptic ulcer with combined traditional Chinese and Western medicine.
Effects of tetrahydrocannabinols on kindled amygdaloid seizures and photogenic seizures in Senegalese baboons, Papio papio.
A clinical analysis of 1,474 operations under acupuncture anesthesia among children.
Oriental medicine. 6. Effects of acupuncture and moxibustion
Alternatives to "modern" health delivery systems in Africa: public policy issues of traditional health systems.
Eight years experience of pain clinics (author's transl)

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