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October 2021

Selenmangel in der Bundesrepublik II

Author(s): Schulte, W.

Journal/Book: Aktuelle Ernährungsmedizin. 13: 75-82.

Abstract: Examinations and analyses have shown that most soils in the Federal Republic of Germany suffer from selenium deficiency. In addition, a major part of selenium is bonded and not available to plants. This results in too low selenium content in animal food and in human foodstuffs, so that both domestic animals kept for profit and the human population are only insufficiently supplied with selenium, or there is no guarantee of a sufficient supply.The only way out is an additional intake as permitted by the animal foodstuffs rules in the Federal Republic, which permit an accumulation of up to a content of 0.5 mg per kg fodder (88% TS) for all types of animals. This results in a somewhat more difficult situation for the residente of the Federal Republic of Germany insofar as the actual intake of selenium with foodstuffs is insufficiently known to wide circles of dietitians and human medicine.The results communicated here will hopefully stimulate further discussions and considerations.

Keyword(s): Selen

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