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April 2021

Neues aus der infrarot-Forschung Infrarotstrahlung für die Praxis

Abstract: Therapy with water-filtered infrared-A-radiation (wIRA) represents a substantial improvement in heat treatment and therapy over conventional infrared radiation. The deeper heat penetration obtained with wIRA leads to a number of well-documented phenomena; increased blood circulation, muscle detonisation, anti-inflammatory effects, and pain alleviation.Recently obtained scientific data have demonstrated further benefits of wIRA radiation:enhanced protection against subsequent oxidative stress (e.g. UV radiation) in skin cells, dramatic increase in epidermal tissues of cellular parameters involved in wound healing processes such as ferritin. Some results indicate a higher level of energy generation in cells during wIRA radiation. wIRA radiation has been shown to be a very favourable heat source for thermal protection of preterm neonates.Undesirable side effects have not been described for wIRA radiation. Traditionally infrared radiation is graded as -A, -B, and -C according to the range of wavelengths emitted.The therapeutically useful and deeper penetrating range of infrared is mainly infrared-A. Its separation can be obtained using water as a filter in the radiation path, reproducing the filtering of the sun's radiation by the humid atmosphere.Because of the ongoing discussion an infrared radiation in the press and, because of the new therapeutic aspects is it necessary for professionals to update their knowledge of the technological potentials of water filtering, and of the benefits of wIRA radiation.

Keyword(s): Wassergefilterte Infrarot-A-Strahlung (wIRA)

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