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langzeitverlauf chronischer Erkrankungen unter homöopathischer Behandlung: Eine prospektive Outcome-Studie über zwei Jahre

Journal/Book: Zeitschrift für Klassische Homöopathie. 2001; 45/2: 64-71.

Abstract: Emerging from a preceding study concerning an evaluation of the differing rank of symptoms of Hahnemann, Boenninghausen, Hering and KEnt in a predominantly paediatirc cohort (KH 4/1999), 50 patients were followed up prospectively over two years. The purpose of this study was to seek answers to the following questions: 1. What extent of amelioration of a chronic disease is to be expected in a cohort of patients under homoeopathic treatment after 2, 12 and 24 months? 2. How high is the drop rate? 3. Contentedness of the patients/ parents at the end of treatment? 4. What are the time-requirements for the homoeopathic physician and how many medicaments are needed to reach the amelioration? 5. How many additional acute diseases occur in the cohort? MEthods: This group was exclusively treated according to the rank of symptoms of Hahnemann and the working method of Boenninghausen, so that the results could be compared to other methods if wanted. In a periodic outcome-analysis the parents had to rate the progress of the healing process of the main-illness in percent. Results: 1. The outcome-analysis of the group (without drop-outs) yielded after two months 78% and after 24 months 93%. 2. The drop-out rate after 12 months was 10%, after 24 months 16%. 3. In the end evaluation of contentedness 64% of patients/ Parents reported to be very content, 18% were content, and 2% were only moderately content. The remaining 16% were drop-outs. 4. The mean duration of treatment was 13,9 months. The mean consulation time requiredfor a patient in two years was 165minutes. They received an average of four different homoeopathic remedies in a total of 7,4 applications, of which 4,5 were single doses of high potencies and 2,9 were Q-potencies. 5. An average of 1,6 acute diseases interrupted the treatment of the chronic disease during the observed time. Conclusion: Boenninghausen's working method reveals itself as a timesaving and efficient therapy with very satisfactory results.

Keyword(s): Homöopathie, Boenninghausen-Methodik, chronische Krankheiten, Kinder, Outcome-Analyse, prospektiv

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