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March 2021

Die Matrix-Rhythmus-Therapie bei komplizierten Fu▀wurzelfrakturen ┬ľ postoperativ und rehabilitativ

Author(s): Randoll, U.

Journal/Book: Erfahrungsheilkunde. 2001; 50/12: 807-811.

Abstract: The Matrix-Rhythm-Therapy is based an sound physiological considerations, extensive fundamental research, and broad clinical non-interventional trials. Coherence forming rhythms intervene in the alignment and generation of information, consequently establishing themselves as healing tuners in biological systems. Special resonators normalize the vibrational spectra of the skeletal musculature and the entire microcirculation by special resonance tuning.The above has, for the First time, been applied systematically to patients suffering from post-traumatic problems. The hereby presented small but highly problematical group of patients was treated, following exhaustion of all traditional surgical and physical medicine treatment concepts, by the Matrix-Rhythm-Therapy which activates explicitly inherent biological resonances. It was also possible to achieve a subjectively and objectively positive effect, which had been observed critically from the clinical point of view. Synergistic effects of seemingly diametrically opposed therapeutic approaches, i.e. the therapy of the structural base (surgery) an the one hand, and the time base (Matrix-Rhythm-Therapy) an the other hand, optimize the therapeutic success.

Keyword(s): Matrix-Rhythmus-Therapie (MaRhyThe)

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