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February 2021

Ist die Effektivität der komplementären Medizin bei chronisch Kranken an den Arbeitsunf'ähigkeitstagen messbar?

Author(s): Lehmann, N.

Journal/Book: Erfahrungsheilkunde. 2001; 50/4: 204-209.

Abstract: Within the framework of a pilot scheme of 21 company health insurance funds in the Rhine-Ruhr area, the influence of complementary medical procedures an the development of the state of health of chronically ill people was evaluated by a long-term observational study.Social data (incapacity for work, hospitalization, medication) were recorded retrospectively (5 years) and prospectively. At three times (before, directly after and after 18 months of treatment) patients were questioned, among others, about their satisfaction with the treatment. A complaint score made up of 4 items served as an indicator for the self-assessment of the state of health. Measures of central tendency were shown with their confidence intervals (CI) of 95 % or their standard deviation (SD), respectively. Differences between the individual times were checked using the Wilcoxon Sign-Rank Test. Friedman's test for homogeneity of samples, the multiple rank sum comparison according to Wilcoxon/ Wilcox as well as the repeated measures variance analysis of the time history of the ranks was used.The results of the observational study show the evidence of a decreasing loss of working hours due to complementary medical intervention, which is accompanied by a definite and lasting improvement of the subjective state of health of the chronically ill persons.

Keyword(s): Komplementäre Medizin

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