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Heilpflanzen-Welt - Natürlich natürlich!
March 2021

Wissenschaftstheorie der Naturheilkunde - Naturphilosophie des Menschen*

Journal/Book: Erfahrungsheilkunde. 2001; 50/7: 387-392.

Abstract: The topic "theory of science of naturopathy - natural philosophy of man" contains the thesis, that the reflection in naturopathy from the point of view of the theory of science needs the critical reference back an the natural philosophy of man.Theory of science in a narrower sense has existed since the beginning of the last century, a natural philosophy of man - even if it has not been referred to as natural philosophy of man - belongs in the essentials of the matter already to the beginning of philosophic thinking.To critically reflect upon medicine is according to my opinion not the subject of a discipline, which completes the canon of medical subdisciplines, e.g. theory of science of medicine, but it is a task of a serious theoretical attitude for every medical occupation [1]. This means for the practice of a naturopathic physician, among others, the realization of a reflected complementary model of conventional medicine and naturopathy, but it also means the refusal of a superficial polypragmasy.

Keyword(s): Wissenschaftstheorie

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