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February 2021

Complementary medicine education in Japanese medical schools: a survey

Author(s): Tsuruoka, Y., Kajii, E.

Abstract: Objectives:To evaluate the present state of complementary medicine (CM) education in Japanese medical schools. Design:This investigation consisted of two studies: (I) a telephone survey to curricular office workers in September 1998; and (2) a self-completed questionnaire to representatives of sponsoring departments in July 1999. Settings:All 80 medical schools for Western medicine. Main outcome measures: Presence of a CM course and sponsoring department.Titles of courses and teaching methods. Results:The response rate to the telephone survey and self-completed questionnaire was 100 and 95%, respectively. Of 80 medical schools, CM was officially taught in 16 schools (20%). Of these I 6 schools, there were I 9 CM courses and the anesthesia department sponsored the most courses (six courses).All courses had oriental medicine titles such as acupuncture and Kampo except for one course. Conclusion:Twenty per cent of Japanese Medical Schools taught CM with predominantly oriental medicine themes.

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