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October 2021

New indications for Heliotherapy

Journal/Book: XXIe Congrès international de Thalassothérapie Hammamet (Tunisie) 30 janvier-2 février 2000 S. 82. 2000;

Abstract: M. HARARI MD Dead Sea Medical Research Center Neveh Zohar and The Dead Sea Mor Clinic Ein Bokek ISRAEL The biological effects of the solar radiation are well known as effective and successful in the treatment of several chronic diseases as psoriasis and atopic dermatitis. Dead Sea Clinics have accumulate extensive experience in the field of Heliotherapy taking advantage of the unique climatic conditions existing in this area. By continuous monitoring of the ambient ultra-violet A and B radiation (UVA UVB) being conducted for years it was shown that at the Dead Sea (400 meters below sea level) the selective filtering effect on UVB is greater than that on UVA thus bringing specific therapeutic advantages treating skin diseases. Today the radiation data collected during these studies provide physicians with average hourly UVB and UVA radiation intensity data throughout the year. This enables them to establish a consistent irradiation treatment protocol ensuring that the patients receive their daily adequate dosage of sun. Moreover researchers are able to compare the effectiveness of the Dead Sea treatment with other forms of phototherapy in terms of UV dosage. Recently it has been shown that Heliotherapy at the Dead Sea is effective in additional dermatological ailments as Vitiligo. We report our experience on 114 patients treated in our Clinic during 4 to 6 weeks in 1997. 8 patients (7 %) were completely cleared with full repigmentation of their vitiligo spots 91 patients (79 8 %) showed significant improvement with diffuse and profuse repigmentation whereas 15 patients (13 2 %) revealed little effect only. However further controls by the personal physician at home at requested while the healing process length for about 3 months after treatment. It may be of some interest to evaluate whether similar results can be obtained in other parts of the world through correct and adequate dosage of sun exposure. wt

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