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December 2021

The personal construction of death in anorexia nervosa

Author(s): Beumont, P. V. J.

Journal/Book: Brit J Med Psychol. 2000; 73: St Andrews House, 48 Princess Rd East, Leicester Le1 7Dr, Leics, England. British Psychological Soc. 53-65.

Abstract: This paper reports a study concerned with an attempt ro understand the manner in which individuals al: high objective risk of death through their own behaviour, understand the phenomenon of death, and their own death. It is an extension of an earlier empirical study (Warren et al., 1994) which in turn, set out to test a hypothesis advanced by Jackson and Davidson (1986) that disturbed death ideation was aetiologically significant in anorexia nervosa; and an extension of earlier work on death constructions, and death education (Warren, 1984, 1989). Constructs were elicited from a sample of hospitalized sufferers of anorexia nervosa. These participants also completed the provided construct, Death Threat Index. Repertory grids were analysed for the information they yield concerning death constructions in sufferers of anorexia nervosa. Various quantitative measures were also derived and compared with similar measures from a control group.

Note: Article Warren B, Univ Newcastle, Dept Educ, Univ Dr, Newcastle, NSW 2308, AUSTRALIA

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