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October 2021

A novel contextual dimension for use with an operant chamber: From simple to hierarchical forms of learning

Author(s): Honey, R. C.

Journal/Book: J Exp Psychol Anim Behav Proc. 2000; 26: 750 First St NE, Washington, DC 20002-4242, USA. Amer Psychological Assoc. 358-363.

Abstract: A novel procedure is described in which the floor temperatures (warm and cool) in an operant chamber are used as contextual cues in 2 experiments with rats. Experiment 1 demonstrated that rats learn the relationship between these thermal contexts and auditory stimuli that have been paired with them. Experiment 2 showed that thermal contexts can serve a conditional function that (a) reflects the operation of a mechanism that is common to conventional, visual contexts and (b) is bound to these contexts' ability to retrieve the nature of the relationship between the auditory stimuli and food.

Note: Article Ward-Robinson J, Cardiff Univ, Sch Psychol, Tower Bldg, Pk Pl, Cardiff CF10 3YG, S Glam, WALES

Keyword(s): RETRIEVAL

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