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September 2021

Personal accounts of stroke experiences

Journal/Book: Patient Educ Couns. 2000; 41: Customer Relations Manager Bay 15, Shannon Industrial Estate CO, Clare, Ireland. Elsevier Sci Ireland Ltd. 295-303.

Abstract: As there appeared to be a need for personal accounts of stroke experiences, a book called ''Speaking about Stroke'' was written for stroke patients and their caregivers. For the past two years, a questionnaire was sent to the people who had ordered the book, to gain an insight into the characteristics of those who bought it, the distribution, use, and relevance of the book, and its effects on the readers' attitude and behaviour. It appears that healthy caregivers of relatively young but severely handicapped stroke patients order the book. The book is read carefully. Both stroke patients and caregivers value the book because the accounts give them a feeling of recognition, appreciation and understanding. Many readers state that they have put suggestions given in the book into practice. ''Speaking about Stroke'' fills a clear need for personal accounts, and cerebrovascular accident professionals should draw the attention of the target group to it.

Note: Article Wachters-Kaufmann CSM, RUG, Dept Gen Practice, A Deusinglaan 4, NL-9713 AW Groningen, NETHERLANDS

Keyword(s): personal account; stroke; stroke patient; caregiver; contact with fellow-sufferers; DOWNWARD EVALUATION

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